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Just a quick note to let you know that the new double album from Can founder Irmin Schmidt – Villa Wunderbar is out on 4 November!

This two CD set compilation includes 12 solo works + 19 soundtrack pieces curated by Wim Wenders.

The double album features Villa Wunderbar, Bohemian Step and Le Weekend as well as collaborations such as Kick On The Floods with Kumo and Rapido De Noir with Bruno Spoerri, there are unreleased remixes by Schmidt of two Can tracks, Alice and Last Night Sleep and an unreleased extract from La Fermosa, a ballet by Youri Vàmos, entitled Bêtes De Passage.


CD1 (Solo Work) is a compilation of Irmin Schmidt’s extensive work as a solo artist over the past 30 years. It is accompanied by sleeve notes by the English writer Duncan Fallowell, author of most lyrics on the album.

CD2 (Soundtracks) is selected and presented by the filmmaker Wim Wenders, as an insight into Schmidt’s vast work as a composer for film and television for which Wenders has written extensive sleeve notes.

UNCUT just reviewed Villa Wunderbar and called it “a cinematic masterpiece”


Listen to a selection of tracks here:


Pre-order Villa Wunderbar here:

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Look out for news next week on the remastered Can Vinyl Box set. All 14 albums, including Out Of Reach and an exclusive live bonus album, will be released on 180g vinyl in a box set alongside 5 posters and original artwork and a 20 page booklet of rare photographs.

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