Two years after the release of their promising homonymous debut and a few months after the 7inch-herald “Obscure”, Mechanimal are back with their second album, titled “Secret Science”.

First Single ‘We Come Alive’, Watch the video directed by ‘John Karabelas’: Youtube
Stream Full Album: Bandcamp ,Spotify

MTVIGGY: ‘It has the melodic, prog soundscape of Mars Volta and the frenetic, punk energy of Joy Division. ‘
VICE interview: Mechanimal Is Revitalizing the Entire Greek Music Scene.

Watch/Listen to the title song ‘Secret Science’: Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud

The Video reviewed by The CreatorsProject: Inside The Open-Sourced Chaos Of MECHANIMAL’s

If one had to describe Mechanimal with a single reference to genre, then ‘drone ‘n’ roll’, a name the members themselves give their music, would suffice: an explosive concoction of industrial synthetic sounds and krautrock rhythmology, penetrated by shoegazing guitars and spoken word poetry, spreading through musical tales of an obscure urban landscape.

Mechanimal’s ‘Secret Science’ speaks of the need for survival and recounts tales of a restless urban environment. Each track, as a lyric theatrical one-act, opens new avenues to the sonic palette of the band, where narrative aphorisms, analogue synthesizers, underground dub rhythmic passages and angry guitars compose the unique code of their ‘secret science’. Ten drone ‘n’ roll stories from those you do not hear in the news, but rather discover in the streets of a city that stays awake by the sounds of sirens.

Secret Science LP

Street date: 10 October 2014
12″/ Cd / Cassette
1. Kindergarten
2. Sehnsucht
3. Cutting Communications
4. Secret Science
5. We Come Alive
6. The Den
7. Ode To Europe
8. Always Drifting
9. Song To The Sirens
10. Down In The Basement


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