kmfrommyills is the public therapy of two multiple
personalities, with an intense past and a dense present.
It is 2010
when they met for the first time and started imagining sounds from
another point of view.
And words, when needed, come on their

Active principle: electronics, literature,
melody, anti-obscurantism
Excipients: darkness, cats, wolves, birds
of prey, metallic resonances, waves, psycho-activism
Use: David
Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Gazelle Twin, Black Sabbath, Beatles, Joy
Division, Nick Cave, Violet Eves

Eri tu
“An auction where
to play subtractions, symbol / object substitutions in which the
object overcomes the symbol.
It is a game of overlapping meanings.
It is a nightmare, full of references to the fears of everyday life
and that contains a mirror of the anxieties of the contemporary. A
market, an exchange of the art of ownership. The place belongs to our
experience, full of things that are no longer there. A factory full of
simulacra of our recent past: the former industrial life combines and
overlaps with the contemporary, the original domestic intimacy of
blood relationships, grown to somehow desire the compensation of a
disappointing exterior. Cyberpunk scars on cloth. Memory and
Remembrance. Counter-fields as dreamlike and little consoling mirrors
of reality ".


kmfrommyills: Caterina Trucchia / Manuel
Written and produced by kmfrommyills, mixed and mastered by
Enrico Tiberi
Video directed by Alessandro Bracalente, script by
Caterina Trucchia, set design by Caterina Trucchia, IRWYN, Simone
Venanzi and Alessandro Bracalente

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