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Ghostly International launches Indiegogo fundraiser for Rafael Anton Irisarri / The Sight Below. The Seattle musician had $50k in gear stolen while moving to NY in May 2014.

The Sight Below – Indiegogo [LINK]

On Memorial Day weekend 2014 Rafael Anton Irisarri (a.k.a. The Sight Below) and his wife Rita had their lives turned upside down. After a long weekend spent packing up their household for a cross-country move from Seattle to New York, the Irisarris went to sleep, only to wake up the next morning and discover that thieves had broken into their U-Haul truck and made off with all their belongings, including over $50,000 worth of musical gear. It was a devastating blow to the couple, but they soldiered on, moving to the East Coast with next to nothing.

Now, Raf and Rita are in the process of rebuilding. An actively working musician and producer with a number of different projects, Raf’s livelihood was taken from him that day, a fact illustrated by the extensive list of stolen gear posted on his blog. Not only the gear was lost, but also all of his studio computers and backup hard drives containing all masters, demos, stems, raw sound files, music licensing library tracks; in short: every piece of music he’s ever written. This is why Ghostly has decided to launch a fundraiser in support of Raf: to restore his ability to work and create the excellent music which has made him an integral part of our family of artists since 2008.

The goal is to raise $15,000 for Raf to put towards rebuilding his studio, and we have loads of fantastic music, rare items, and extra-special services for those who help us do this. A $150 contribution will make you eligible for a limited-edition, silkscreened print of Michael Cina‘s Glider cover art, all numbered and signed by Raf, and $200 puts you in a position to score The Sight Below’s ultra-rare Unfurled12″—a vinyl single for the last track produced at his Black Knoll Studios in Seattle, limited to 40 copies and featuring remixes from BiosphereMarkus GuentnerLoscilBvdub, and Yagya.

In addition, there’s a fantastic one-off perk for the person who donates $2,000 to aid Raf and Rita. Chicago producer Joshua Eustis (of Telefon Tel Aviv, Nine Inch Nails, and Sons of Magdalene fame) has offered to lend his remixing talents to any song by this particular backer, a special opportunity for ultra-supportive artists out there. See below for a complete list of perks available throughout this campaign. Raf, Rita, Ghostly, and everyone else working on this campaign thanks you in advance for your generous support.

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