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ABCS 696LP MAXIMILLIAN: Maximillian LP (ABCS 696LP) 11.50
Exact repro of the 1969 debut from this New York-based rock/psych trio, produced by Teddy Vann. Tracks include the Buddy Bowzer-penned “Kickin’ 9 To 5,” “Scar On My Memory,” “The Road Rat” and “The Name Of The Game.”
CLP 3041LP SID VICIOUS: My Way LP (CLP 3041LP) 11.50
2009 release. Includes multiple versions of “Search & Destroy,” “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” “Chatterbox” and “My Way.”
AU 5013CD HEAD OVER HEELS: Head Over Heels CD (AU 5013CD) 17.00
One of the loudest acts of their time, this Detroit-based power trio made only one album, which stands as a lost proto-metal classic. A product of the same scene that spawned The Stooges and MC5, they play raw and dirty on a superb selection of self-penned material, as well as a molten cover of blues staple “Red Rooster.” Unusually, the LP (originally released in June 1971) combines live and studio recordings, perfectly showcasing their inventive take on crunching hard rock and searing power ballads. Finally available on CD once again, with background notes.
HVALUR 004LP AMIDON, SAM: All Is Well LP (HVALUR 004LP) 14.50
2011 repress on vinyl, originally released 2008. LP version.
LP version. Bedroom Community broadens the scope with En Garde by Puzzle Muteson, a mysterious, intimate record by a fearless songwriter and lyricist from the windswept Isle of Wight. Arranged and produced by collaborators and label mates Nico Muhly and Valgeir Sigurðsson, En Garde is a strange, comforting and alarmingly personal record. Driven, spare lyrics are hoisted high by vocals of steady, sturdy tremble. Each tune swells with plush guitar pluck in a sea of orchestration and electronics. Recorded in the Greenhouse Studios in Iceland, the album collects Puzzle Muteson’s odd and beautiful stories about love and horses, rust and polar bears, heartbreak and birds. Puzzle’s songs are curious sounds from a troubled heart and his lyrics are urgent and open, striking a note with their vulnerable memories. “I Was Once A Horse” is an unforgettable song about nostalgia. The title track pits Puzzle’s longing against waves of dense strings and jagged rhythm, while “Perspex Disguise” sets his naked, translucent vocals against shimmering piano that refracts off epic chords. In “Flamingo Head” he sings; “I left your house. You let me. I left you ugly,” buffeted by guitar and distant murmurs. “Not a single thing could take this magical sight. I’ll find you still,” he sings on “Medusa,” the story of a man tracking down a lost love. Like many Bedroom Community recordings, En Garde takes an unexpected and unique voice and elevates it out of any easily discernible pocket. Puzzle Muteson could be “folk” or something completely different — instead he’s an intense stranger from the Isle of Wight — at once both familiar and unfamiliar. En Garde heralds a haunting and essential new voice, beautiful, earned and yearning.
LT 1096LP BYRD, DONALD: The Creeper LP (LT 1096LP) 11.50
Exact repro of this 1967 session from trumpeter Donald Byrd, originally released in 1981. Featuring Sonny Red (alto), Pepper Adams (baritone), Chick Corea (piano), Miroslav Vitous (bass) and Mickey Roker (drums). “Samba Yantra,” a compelling Latin-tinged rhythmic exploration just shy of the ten minute mark, makes its debut on this session and is a valuable Corea composition, released in an abbreviated version on his Now He Sings, Now He Sobs .
BOO AM MACLISE, ANGUS: Dreamweapon: The Art & Life Of Angus MacLise Book (BOO AM) 42.00
“Standard edition of the Dreamweapon exhibit catalog with texts by Lou Reed, La Monte Young, Ira Cohen, plus exhibit curators Johan Kugelberg and Will Swofford Cameron. This edition includes a laid in memorial letterpress broadside commemorating Ira Cohen, reprinting a 1976 ode to Cohen by Angus MacLise. Printed by Jon Beacham/The Brother In Elysium Press. Edition of 1000.” 120 pages; full-color, gloss; perfect bound.
“Mostly unheard live recordings of Angus MacLise, Tony Conrad, and Jack Smith from the MacLise tape archive. In a silkscreened sleeve. Available only on LP! Edition of 500.” Limited to one per customer.A1: Les Evening Gowns Damnées (December 20 1964) (16:48)B1: S.O.S. (Ca. 1968) (13:28)
“A second LP of previously unheard recordings of Angus MacLise and Tony Conrad from the MacLise tape archives. Remastered from the original tapes.” Edition of 500 copies. Limited to one per customer.Tracklist: A1. Untitled (recorded October 18, 1968 at Tony Conrad’s NYC loft) (15:27)B1. Short Drum and Viola parts 1 & 2 (circa 1969) (4:49)B2. Druid’s Leafy Nest (undated) (7:26)B3. Early Jams (undated) (6:46)
BL 754165LP CHI-LITES, THE: I Like Your Lovin’ (Do You Like Mine) LP (BL 754165LP) 11.50
Exact repro of this ’70s soul quintet from Chicago formed by Marshall Thompson. Produced by Eugene Record and arranged by Sonny Sanders, falsetto-voiced songs like “You’re No Longer Part Of My Heart” and “Let Me Be The Man My Daddy Was” portray an excess of male vulnerability that groups like the Delfonics or the Moments never had. Whether you think this is a good thing says something about how often you’re getting laid.
BL 754190LP HAMPTON, LIONEL: Please Sunrise LP (BL 754190LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1972. Jazz vibraphonist Lionel Hampton performs “It Must Be Love,” “I Did It,” “You Brought Out The Good In Me,” “Soulful Autumn,” “Feeling Is Believing” and more.
BJX 711EP WHISKEY BARONS: Shanty Town 7″ (BJX 711EP) 6.00
“On this 7″ Boston’s Whiskey Barons unearth a couple of long-forgotten Central & South American covers of reggae classics. On the A-side ‘Buena Suerte’ finds the Barons beefing up Venezualian band Las Cuatro Monedas’s Latin cover of the Desmond Dekker classic ‘Shanty Town’, while on the flip the totally unknown Nicaraguan band Cawibe gets the treatment with their jaw-dropping Spanglish version of Gregory Issac’s ‘Night Nurse’.”
CJS 9001LP SPANN, OTIS: Otis Spann Is The Blues LP (CJS 9001LP) 11.50
Exact repro, originally released in 1960. “Spann provided wonderful, imaginative, tasty piano solos and better-than-average vocals, and was arguably the best player whose style was more restrained than animated. Not that he couldn’t rock the house, but Spann’s forte was making you think as well as making you dance, and the tracks on Otis Spann Is the Blues will do both.” — All Music Guide
ST 236LP SEGER SYSTEM, THE BOB: Noah LP (ST 236LP) 11.50
Exact repro of the second studio album by The Bob Seger System, originally released in 1969 following Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man. Despite how bummed Seger was with this album — or Tom Neme — it still features the classic closing track “Death Row.”
CYH 011EP CLOVER, THE: People Power 12″ (CYH 011EP) 12.00
The Clover delivers their second release on Clap Your Hands. Get ready for two unique tunes. “Manifesto” is going to be perfect for your summer festival set. “Cosmic Jam” follows and will funk your dancefloor like no tune before.
PATR 555LP BURKE, PATRICK: Silence And Timing LP (PATR 555LP) 21.00
“Sealed copies of the original pressing of this fantastic and very obscure private press oddity is a solo outing from a member of the cult post punk unit Parasites Of The Western World. Silence And Timing may refrain from some of the balls out avant rock maneuvers heard on Parasites of the Western World’s recently reissued album on De Stijl, but it’s a knockout in its own less overt way; Burke’s idiomatic boundary blur in this instance being between dreamy psych and melancholic post punk, with passing overtones of both Brian Sands and Gignoux’s The Broadway Boys, though this has got a darker overall cast than either of those.”
DPROM 081EP LILES, ANDREW: As If Punk Rock Never Happened 7″ PIC. DISC (DPROM 081EP) 12.50
As If Punk Rock Never Happened is a 7″ picture disc that is Andrew Liles’ contribution to International Record Store Day. The disc also doubles as a cynical “commemorative” item for the Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011. Get it for your grandmother in your local record shop… she will love the B-side “Pretty Vague Cunt.”
DIS 022EP RITES OF SPRING: All Through A Life 7″ (DIS 022EP) 5.00
“1984 was a time of redefinition within the punk scene in Washington, DC and Rites of Spring more than led the charge. Rites of Spring not only challenged the macho posturing that had become so prevalent, but more importantly they defied musical and stylistic rule. The people that followed the band made it a point to try to never miss a gig, as ROS seemed to approach every show as if it was their last. The results could be explosive, often resulting in the destruction of their equipment, and this may well be one reason that they ended up playing only about 15 shows. It was the boldness of this band that really contributed to the swell of energy, often referred to as ‘Revolution Summer’, that swept over the DC scene in 1985. In their brief existence Rites of Spring released one full-length, End on End, and a 7″, All Through A Life, both on Dischord Records.’ End on End has remained in print on vinyl and CD over the years, but the 4 songs on All Through A Life have gone through several expended periods of bring out of print.”
DIYNAMIC 049EP DJ PHONO: There’s Confetti In My Shoe 12″ (DIYNAMIC 049EP) 12.00
With his album Welcome To Wherever You’re Not and its single release “Knarhcslhük Mi Ttinhcsfua Hcon Ebah Hci,” DJ Phono is destined to subtly scrabble coordinate systems. This is the sound of gently grooving music rather than “knarzige” breaks. Everything seems soft, hazy and buoyant. Even after the strangely unpronounceable title has been encrypted into the meaning of the German words, the enigma is still not revealed. What remains are three bouncey and lovely tunes, nurtured by British pop and French house.
DOK 204LP GAINSBOURG, SERGE: 1 2 3 2LP+CD (DOK 204LP) 37.00
“A collection of Serge Gainsbourg’s legendary first three albums, originally released in 1958 (Du Chant a la une!), 1959 (N° 2), and 1961 (L’Etonnant Serge Gainsbourg), and all hailing from a time when Gainsbourg was still just another struggling chansonnier. In fact, success initially eluded the young Gainsbourg, but early classics like ‘Le Poinconneur des Lilas,’ and ‘La Chanson de Prevert,’ give listeners a taste of the immense talent that was still lurking in the shadows of a smoky cabaret. Bonus CD of the albums in a special gatefold jacket.”
DOK 205LP GILBERTO, JOAO: Chega de Saudade LP+CD (DOK 205LP) 26.00
“Originally released in 1959, Chega de Saudade is kind of like the book of Genesis of bossa nova. It influenced so many musicians both at home (Caetano Veloso, Jorge Ben) and abroad (Stan Getz, Herbie Mann, Charlie Byrd) that almost every song on this album (from ‘Desafinado’ to ‘Bim Bom’) is now a standard. Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes, who display their song writing talents here, would soon go on win a Grammy for ‘The Girl From Ipanema.’ Now with bonus CD of the album!” On 180 gram vinyl.
DOK 206LP GILBERTO, JOAO: Bossa Nova! LP+CD (DOK 206LP) 26.00
“Originally released in 1961 as Joao Gilberto, this historic album is one of the great cornerstones of bossa nova. Accompanied by Tom Jobim (who wrote such standards as ‘Garota de Ipanema’ and ‘Desafinado’) and organist Walter Wanderley (best known for his smooth Hammond playing and the 1966 hit ‘Summer Samba’), Gilberto plays songs like ‘Samba da minha terra’ and ‘O amor em paz,’ both of which (along with most of the songs on this album) would soon become standards of the genre.” On 180 gram vinyl with a CD of the entire album.
“One of the great tenors of the swing era, Ben Webster (1909-1973), known as ‘The Brute’ for his big vibrant sound, was also uniquely warm and melodic, making him a superior interpreter of ballads. Recorded in studio with the Oscar Peterson trio in 1957, this album is one in a string of classic albums recorded by Webster for the Verve label during the ’50s. After two bluesy self-penned tracks, Webster tackles five skilfully rendered ballads, including an exquisite ‘Where Are You.'” On 180 gram vinyl with a CD of the entire album.
DOK 208LP MINGUS, CHARLES: The Alternate Moods Of Tijuana LP+CD (DOK 208LP) 26.00
“Considered to be among Mingus’ best albums, Tijuana Moods was recorded in NYC in the summer of 1957. Inspired by a trip to that well-known city of perdition, songs like ‘Ysabel’s Table Dance’ and ‘Los Mariachis’ were meant to evoke the moods of many a man’s tequila-fuelled misadventures there. The Alternate Moods of Tijuana is an album of alternative takes from that celebrated session, including an early version of the ‘A Colloquial Dream’ spoken-word piece with Lonnie Elder.” On 180 gram vinyl with a CD of the entire album.
DOK 209LP COLTRANE, JOHN: Coltrane Plays The Blues LP+CD (DOK 209LP) 26.00
“Recorded on 24 October 1960 in NYC, Coltrane Plays The Blues is perhaps a misleading title for this album as Coltrane is not so much playing the blues as bringing the feeling of blues into the idiom of jazz. This memorable album, featuring McCoy Tyner on piano, Elvin Jones on drums and Steve Davis on bass, hails from Coltrane’s first period as leader of his own quartet, and finds Coltrane playing then highly unusual soprano sax on two numbers — ‘Blues To Bechet’, a pianoless tribute to the great Sydney Bechet, and ‘Mr. Syms’, where McCoy Tyner is given the opportunity to really show his stuff, which he does masterfully. Includes ‘Exotica’ (also recorded during this session) as a bonus track + 4 more bonus alternate tracks on the CD.” 180 gram vinyl.
EC 001EP MOCHIPET: Dkon/Remixes 12″ (EC 001EP) 11.00
“Mochipet slathers Mike Jones and Bun B in some techno baklava while Dkon (the artist formerly known as Deceptikon) gets slow and throbby with a remix of Beach House. Comes as a white label vinyl in a handscreened jacket.”
ERR 1004CD EDEN & JOHN’S EAST RIVER STRING BAND: Be Kind To A Man When He’s Down CD (ERR 1004CD) 15.50
“Drawing from the vast spectrum of traditional American country and blues music from the 1920s and early 30s Eden & Johns East River String Band (Eden Brower & John Heneghan) create some of the most authentic sounding renditions of these songs today. Their fourth release, Be Kind To A Man When He’s Down, contains songs from Frank Stokes, Pink Anderson, Big Chief Henry’s String Band and many more. It features special guests Robert Crumb (underground comic legend, Cheap Suit Serenaders) on mandolin, Dom Flemons (Carolina Chocolate Drops) on guitar and old-time music legend Pat Conte (Canebreak Rattlers, Otis Brothers) on fiddle, banjo, guitar, harmonica and vocals. It features an amazing cover by Crumb as did their last two records, Drunken Barrel House Blues and Some Cold Rainy Day. David Fricke of Rolling Stone says, ‘Eden and John’s East River String Band cover black country blues from the 78-rpm era with crisp fervor and a natural flair that suggests loving study and a respect for the hard lives and flight for joy on the original records.'”
ERR 1004LP EDEN & JOHN’S EAST RIVER STRING BAND: Be Kind To A Man When He’s Down LP (ERR 1004LP) 19.50
LP version.
ESPDISK 1037CD GODZ, THE: Contact High With The Godz CD (ESPDISK 1037CD) 13.00
“Contact High With the Godz is the first album, released in 1966, by this NYC-based band. The Godz were part of the Lower East Side scene that produced post-beat avant-hippie rockers/performance artists the Fugs and the Holy Modal Rounders, as well as beat performers like Allen Ginsberg. Sounding like a prototype for Half Japanese or the Shaggs, the Godz play as if they discovered their instruments ten minutes before the tape started rolling. Digitally remastered. Issued in digipak format with original artwork.”
ESPDISK 4003CD PEARLS BEFORE SWINE: The Complete ESP-Disk’ Recordings CD (ESPDISK 4003CD) 17.00
2010 repress. Both classic ESP albums (One Nation Underground and Balaklava) on one disc. Extensive booklet with new liner notes, complete lyrics. “Tom Rapp, an 18 year-old draft resistor and college dropout living in Eaugallie, Florida, sent a small unsolicited reel of tape to ESP. Bernard Stollman invited him to bring his musicians to New York, where they recorded their acclaimed debut, One Nation Underground in 1967. Less than a year later, they released the equally strong follow-up, Balaklava. Classics of the genre, which certainly would have seen wider attention had ESP survived past 1968, these recordings are getting a well-deserved second chance, thanks to a thorough remastering, under the supervision of Tom Rapp.”
GEM 011EP SECRET CINEMA: Minerals EP1 12″ (GEM 011EP) 12.00
Part 1/3 of the Minerals EPs, taken from Secret Cinema’s full-length album (GEM 002CD). The tracks on Minerals are inspired by the hardness, color and material of various minerals, consisting of dancefloor-hammering tech-house and techno. Alongside these floor-friendly tracks are some more abstract jams. Featured here are “Smoky Quartz” and “Star Sapphire.”
GET 50769CD PABLO, AUGUSTUS: Ital Dub CD (GET 50769CD) 15.00
“By the time he released Ital Dub in 1975, Augustus Pablo was already a household name in Jamaica. He was fresh off the success of his album Rebel Rock Reggae, and about to enter the most prolific period of his career with legendary dub engineer King Tubby, this being their first collaboration. Recorded and mixed by Tubby at his studio, Ital Dub, produced by Tommy Cowan and Warwick Lyn, features Pablo lending his signature melodica work to originals (‘Eli’s Move,’ ‘Shake Up’) and covers from Bob Marley (‘Rebel Music,’ ‘Natty Dread’), Peter Tosh (‘Funeral’) and Junior Byles (‘Curly Locks,’ ‘Irie Feelings’). Overlooked at the time of its initial release, Ital Dub has since been recognized as a worthy entry in Pablo’s stellar catalog and ‘one of the most innovative albums of the decade’ ( After producing top quality reissues from Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and King Tubby, Get On Down is proud to present another Jamaican dub classic, featuring a new digital audio transfer from the original analog tapes.” Packaged in a paste-on mini-LP jacket with die cut obi strip and dust sleeve.
GET 51273CD IRVINE, WELDON: Cosmic Vortex (Justice Divine) CD (GET 51273CD) 15.00
“By 1974, 31 year-old Weldon Irvine was ready for the next phase of his career. Having spent years working variously as a pianist, band leader, composer, arranger and road manager with the likes of Joe Henderson and Nina Simone, his breakout moment as a solo artist finally came in 1974, when he signed with RCA Records. Finally backed with a budget that could match his ambitions, Irvine’s first release was Cosmic Vortex, a sprawling, monumental work that embodied a musician at the height of his powers. The result is an album that molds his jazz instincts for free-form improvisation to fit a deep funk aesthetic, but also matched with strong, spiritual lyrics. He went on to release two more albums with RCA that continued to build on themes established here. Get On Down is proud to present the remastered version of Cosmic Vortex, featuring a dazzling new digital audio transfer from the original analog tapes.”
GET 51285CD SWEAT BAND: Sweat Band CD (GET 51285CD) 15.00
“Nothing fueled the 70s funk revolution quite like George Clinton’s massive musical collective known as Parliament-Funkadelic. One of the main contributors to the P-Funk sound was Cincinnati native and former JB’s member Bootsy Collins. Literally, there would be no Mothership without Bootsy, aka Bootzilla, a true monster on the bass. 1980s Sweat Band was originally envisioned to be the 5th release from Bootsy Collin’s funktacular Rubber Band. But somehow Bootsy lost the rights to the Rubber Band name to, of all things, a folk act. But rest assured, though the name may be slightly different, all the funk is intact. For this outing Bootsy’s background with James Brown and as a major contributor to the Parliament Funkadelic family are in full effect. Players on the project include Michael Hampton and Garry Shider on guitar, Bernie Worrell on the keys, as well as a horn line comprising Fred Wesley, Richard Griffith and Maceo Parker. And being that this is a full-fledged P-Funk outing, George Clinton himself is Executive Producer. Anchoring the entire project, the amazing bass work of the one and only Bootsy Collins.”
GET 51286CD MONTENEGRO, HUGO: Moog Power CD (GET 51286CD) 15.00
“Hugo Montenegro already had a solid and storied career under his belt before his revolutionary 1969 release Moog Power was envisioned or the first Moog synthesizer was even built. In the mid-50s he was musical director for the Dragon and Caprice imprints where he worked with Dion. He then moved on to a similar position at the legendary ‘Hi Fi’ imprint Time Records. Relocating to LA in the early 60s lead to a deal with RCA as well as a slew of work for film and TV including scoring two Matt Helm pics and penning the theme music to ‘I Dream of Jeanie’. By the mid-60s his own work was on the vanguard of Space Age Pop. When the Moog synthesizer was first made available in the late 60s its sound was fresh and very cutting edge. The instrument itself lead to a run of Moog flavored albums that went well into the 70s, Montenegro’s Moog Power being one of the first, and best, of the Moog movement. Moog Power set the standard, with synth flavored interpretations of the Doors ‘Touch Me’, ‘Aquarius’ ‘Dizzy’, and other hits of the day. In addition to these reinterpretations the Montenegro penned title track ‘Moog Power’ brought the (then) futuristic sound of the synthesizer directly into the homes of millions. Now, lovingly remastered from the original sessions, Get On Down is proud to connect Montenegro’s work with a new generation of fans eager to hear analog synths or those who’d rather just mix up some cocktails and enjoy the power of the granddaddy of Moog records, Moog Power.”
GET 52709CD KELLY & LIFE, HERMAN: Percussion Explosion! CD (GET 52709CD) 15.00
“As a group, Herman Kelly & Life had a relatively short life span. Releasing only a single album, Percussion Explosion!, in 1978, the Miami-based band didn’t have as much immediate success as some of their contemporaries. But with a single, inescapable song, they managed to forever become a part of music history. Their funky, upbeat single ‘Dance to the Drummer’s Beat’ became one of the most recognizable and frequently used breaks in hip-hop history, used in songs by legendary artists like Run-DMC, Public Enemy, N.W.A., 2 Live Crew, Whodini and DJ Shadow, and was featured in the famed Ultimate Breaks & Beats series. Get On Down is proud to present Percussion Explosion! in a newly refurbished edition, featuring ‘Dance to the Drummer’s Beat’ plus other hit singles ‘Who’s the DJ’ and ‘Do the Funky Hambone,’ with a new digital transfer remastered from the original analog tapes.” Packaged in a paste-on mini-LP jacket with die cut obi strip and dust sleeve.
GET 53501CD MCCALLUM, DAVID: Music: A Bit More Of Me CD (GET 53501CD) 15.00
“During the 1960s, Scottish-born actor David McCallum was an instantly recognizable face across the world, thanks to his star turn as secret agent Illya Kuryakin on the spy series The Man From U.N.C.L.E. But with the release of his second album, Music: A Bit More of Me, in 1966, he became recognizable for another reason: his signature sound. Working closely with famed producer David Axelrod and arranger H.B. Barnum, McCallum, who comes from a family of musicians, delivers lush, distinctly personal interpretations of classic songs by, among others, artists such as The Beatles (‘Michelle’), Petula Clark (‘Call Me’) and Axelrod himself, who contributes the original song ‘The Edge,’ later made famous when sampled by Dr. Dre for his monster hit ‘The Next Episode’ in 1999. Get On Down is proud to present this timeless piece in a beautifully restored edition, with audio remastered from the original analog tapes, packaged in a paste-on mini-LP slip case based on the original album artwork, with dust sleeve and obi strip in a clear plastic poly bag. The album also features a reproduction of the full-color promotional photo contact sheet which was included with its original pressing.”
GET 53502CD TEE, WILLIE: I’m Only A Man CD (GET 53502CD) 15.00
“Famed New Orleans singer and pianist Willie Tee gives one of his finest ever performances on this classic release from 1969. Recorded under the guidance of Grammy award-winning composer/arranger David Axelrod, whose credits include Stan Kenton, Lou Rawls and countless others, I’m Only A Man introduced heavy orchestration and sweeping arrangements to Tee’s music, yet without sacrificing the emotional complexity of his vocals. Original compositions such as ‘Mirror’ and the fantastic opener ‘Bring on the Heartaches’ are balanced by superb cover versions of ‘By the Time I Get to Phoenix’ and ‘People,’ with some beautiful surprises (see the bold, cinematic sound of ‘Lonliness’) in between. Get On Down is proud to present Willie Tee’s classic album I’m Only A Man for the first time ever on CD, packaged in a paste-on mini-LP case with die cut obi strip and dust sleeve, featuring a new digital audio transfer from the original analog tapes and a bonus track, the non-LP single ‘Love of a Married Man.'”
GET 54036CD WILD MAGNOLIAS, THE: The Wild Magnolias CD (GET 54036CD) 15.00
“New Orleans is synonymous with music and Mardi Gras. The Wild Magnolias have both fronts covered. The roots of the Wild Magnolias go back to, at least, the 1950s as one of New Orleans’ most popular and colorful Indian ‘Krewes’. The Krewes fall under the guidance of a Chief, and Bo Dollis has been the Chief of the Wild Magnolias since the mid-60s. With a voice reminiscent of Sam Cooke and the flamboyance you’d expect at any given Mardi Gras, Bo and the Wild Magnolias rose to great heights in the 70s in a reign that continues to this day. The Wild Magnolias run as a recording act started in 1970 with the Handa Wanda 45 for the Crescent City imprint. In addition to a traditional Mardi Gras percussion lineup featuring everything from drums to beer bottles, Bo and the Wild Magnolias pulled in some prominent local talent as backup including Willie Tee and Snooks Eaglin. The cut became a Mardi Gras staple and lead to the French imprint Barclays (with distribution via Polygram) to sign the Krewe for this, the finest recording in the Wild Magnolias long and storied career. The album took Bo Dollis and the Wild Magnolias from a New Orleans phenomena to a global force with the lead single ‘Smoke My Peace Pipe (Smoke it Right)’ appearing on the Billboard charts. The Magnolias have even had a lasting effect on the world of hip hop with ‘Corey Died On The Battlefield’ and ‘(Somebody Got) Soul, Soul, Soul’ being sampled by artists such as Schoolly D, 3rd Bass, Geto Boys and the Jungle Brothers. With this reissue culled from the original master, Get On Down turns every Tuesday into Fat Tuesday.” Packaged in a paste-on mini-LP jacket with die cut obi strip and dust sleeve.
GR 721LP TAMIKREST: Toumastin LP (GR 721LP) 25.00
This is the second album from Mali’s Tamikrest. Their debut album, Adagh, already generated a buzz throughout the world and was met with enthusiasm from fans and critics alike who agreed that these young musicians are focusing the rebellious power of rock music in their own special way. Tamikrest are from Kidal, a remote desert town in the northwest of the Sahara, some 2,000 kilometres north of the capital Bamako. The band members are all Tuaregs, a group of people that is spread all over North and some of West Africa, i.e. Niger, Mali, Algeria, Burkina Faso and Libya. In ancient times the Tuareg were the proud rulers of the Sahara, but their territory was divided in different countries and they had to fight long and hard for independence. Between 1990 and 1995 this fight evolved into a bloody civil war. After the war many of the rebel fighters traded the Kalashnikovs and hand grenades for guitars and microphones. The band Tinariwen is the most prominent example for the unusual establishment of peace through the spirit of music. The members of Tamikrest are substantially younger than Tinariwen’s and they have not actively fought in the war, but there is a close resemblance between both bands. Just like Tinariwen, Tamikrest have found a way to translate the pulse of the blues — whose roots lie in North Africa — back to the Tuareg language Tamaschek. They take generators deep into the desert to have electricity for their guitars in search for the perfect synthesis of their traditional ritual drumming with the music of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley. Tamikrest are on a trip into the infinite world of music. When the band was founded in 2006 they had a hard time getting exposure in their homeland as it proved to be difficult for music with ancient traditions in a country that is flooded with Western-influenced hip-hop and pop. On this second album, the young Tuareg rebels create their own universe using even brighter colors. The enchanted ancient mystique of the songs captures the ear immediately, but as the music carries on, the band bridges the gap between the African blues and hypnotic dub, psychedelic funk and an almost supernatural kind of desert garage. The guitars are more offensive, the groove deepens and the Tamaschek chants are merging with the meandering guitar riffs like a caravan voyage through ancient times. Tamikrest are ready to embrace the future while proudly maintaining the rich tradition of their folk. On 180 gram vinyl. Includes a full-color, double-sided insert with liner-notes, lyrics and photos.
GROO 030LP VA: Brazilian Nuggets Volume 1: Back From The Jungle LP (GROO 030LP) 29.00
“The record-loving audience awaiting a compilation worthy of the name Brazilian Nuggets can start smiling. This material, previously full of dust and forgotten, is now released in a meticulous edition featuring the best of garage rock, aggressive and demented, from Brazilian bands and singers who lived in obscurity during the 1960s and 1970s. For many years, Groovie Records has been researching and collecting the weirdest and most unknown Brazilian rock of that time. A gold-digging activity supported by the priceless help of researchers and collectors like, among others, Fernando Rosa, aka Sr. F. This compilation is nothing more than a homage to those who fought for rock ‘n´ roll in Brazil during the 60s and mid 70s. The tracks featured in Brazilian Nuggets are mainly from very obscure bands that were not even part of the ‘Jovem Guarda’ movement. What you will do find is the wildest and most aggressive garage, psych and strange rock ‘n’ roll released by unknown Brazilian record labels like California Records, RCS, Fama, Leao Disc, Young, Inspiracao, Tema, to name a few. Every day we realize there is a vast and almost endless catalogue. And among this immense discography, a lot of interesting and unbelievable material exists! A striking moment comes along when we discover a random record like Nicholas Mariano or Os Espioes, amazing stuff that makes Brazilian rock one of the biggest uncut diamonds yet. And what can we say about Lup e Loy, Os Inseparaveis or Os Beggers? A sound made for small audiences during strange dictatorship times in which many people disappeared simply because they were hanging out with friends. These are the real heroes of the young modern advanced Brazilian music, because they broke the barriers of hypocrisy and showed that young people and their cheap guitars live not only on love but also on anger! Just think this is only the beginning. And the best is still to come. Or, as Toni Ricardo said in his self-titled single: ‘a luta nunca vai parar…’ (‘the struggle will never end…’) Excellent artwork by mister Darren Merrinuk in deluxe gatefold sleeve with a bunch of photos never seen and pics of all the sleeves included in this compilation.”
HAFTW 008LP CARETAKER, THE: An Empty Bliss Beyond This World LP (HAFTW 008LP) 18.00
LP version. This is the second album from James Leyland Kirby’s alias The Caretaker, following up 2008’s Persistent Repetition Of Phrases (HAFTW 003CD). Leading medical research explains how Alzheimer’s patients who endure increasing memory loss can still recall songs from their distant past. The prefrontal cortex is among the last brain regions to atrophy. With this in mind, The Caretaker once again recalls fifteen occasions where memories were locked in a timeless and haunting loop. The Caretaker is the work of James Leyland Kirby, also sometimes known as Leyland Kirby, The Stranger and V/VM. Mastered and cut at Berlin’s Dubplates & Mastering. Artwork features another specially commissioned painting by Ivan Seal.
INT 2499000HLP MONKS: Black Time LP (INT 2499000HLP) 16.50
180 gram LP reissue of the classic Black Monk Time LP with a slight title adjustment and alternate artwork. Primitive demented ’60s punk at its best. “The Monks’ only album is packed with angst anthems on the order of ‘Shut Up,’ ‘I Hate You,’ ‘Complication,’ and ‘Drunken Maria.’ One of the strangest recordings of all time.” –Richie Unterberger
IF 022EP STAR, MATT: Morphology 12″ (IF 022EP) 12.00
Matt Star’s “Morphology” is characterized by its enormous dynamic — a deep & dirty roughness that comes up alongside an unstoppable kind of mesmerizing groove. “MttStr” on the flip side builds up a little more gradually. Both tracks show Matt’s talent for patiently modulating sounds, creating almost extraterrestrial, fluid grooves. Both sides of the record contain several well-placed breakdowns and carefully-crafted moments of high tension before Matt lets things kick back into full force again.
LPS 500LP HOPKINS, LIGHTNIN’: Blue Lightnin’ LP (LPS 500LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1965. “After a slew of albums aimed primarily at the folk-blues audience that resuscitated his flagging career during the early ’60s, Lightnin’ Hopkins attempted to regain his original fan base with these unpretentious 1965 sessions for Stan Lewis’ Jewel logo. Pretty convincingly, too, with the two-part ‘Move on Out’ and a down-in-the-alley ‘Back Door Friend’ among the standouts. Elmore Nixon, another Houston mainstay, plays piano on several cuts.” –All Music Guide
DUBK 019EP DUBKASM: More Jah Songs 12″ (DUBK 019EP) 11.00
Two crucial UK roots vocalists meet head-to-head on this nu-roots anthem from Bristol’s Dubkasm team. Gritty live instrumentation meets heavy soundsystem-style steppers, previously featured on DJ Stryda and Digistep’s highly-acclaimed 2009 LP Transform I. Solo Banton reinforces veteran Tena’s spiritual plea in a DJ style, nailing the banner on the flipside with a soul-drenched sax and flute instrumental. A final dub workout takes us through antique Jamaican circuitry into a futuristic growler, closing this quality set in characteristic Dubkasm style.
LOIE BC COLEY, BYRON: C’est La Guerre: Early Writings 1978-1983 Book (LOIE BC) 14.50
Frontline writings from the music war by Byron Coley. C’est La Guerre is a perfect snapshot of a time of great changes in American music, one that saw the emergence of new kinds of untamed rock, punk, and noise that extended the explorations of free jazz and of rock innovators like Captain Beefheart. These early essays, articles, and letters crisscross the continent and cover a wide array of musical acts, including David Bowie, Robert Fripp, Fred Frith, Devo, Hu?sker Du?, Suicide, The Germs, Lydia Lunch, Jim Morrison, the Meat Puppets, and the Minutemen, whose bass player, Mike Watt (now with the Stooges), contributed the introduction. Byron Coley was born in Manhattan in 1956. He has written extensively about underground culture since the mid-’70s. Among other things, he has been resident editor at NY Rocker, managing editor at Take It!, jazz editor at Forced Exposure, underground editor at Spin, ghost editor of the Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal, etc. He has been a columnist for the L.A. Weekly, Arthur, Spin, Le Bathyscaphe, Harp, The Wire and so on. His books include Chuck Norris, Ass Candles For Joni, Beefheart and No Wave which he wrote with Thurston Moore. He has written liner notes for hundreds of records, spewed for more ‘zines than anyone could ever remember, and contributed to various anthologies of prose, poetry, and pus. He currently writes for The Wire and runs Glass Eye Books and the Ecstatic Yod record label. Cover drawn & silkscreened by Simon Bossé. 142 pages. Bilingual, translated by Marie Frankland (John-Glassco Translation Prize, 2007). 6.5 x 6.5 inches.
LOIE MH HURLEY, MICHAEL: Paroles Des Chansons De Michael Hurley Book (LOIE MH) 14.50
American folk legend Michael Hurley is considered a master of songcraft by fellow musicians, and it is easy to see why. His songs can be highly eccentric, populated by werewolves, sign-painters, tea and whiskey-drinkers, pork chops and hot dogs, wild geese, intoxicated lovers, and blue navigators, but above all, they always manage to be moving and funny. The perfection of his peculiar, personal, and utterly unique oeuvre is even more apparent on paper and in print. The Words To The Songs Of Michael Hurley presents lyrics to 19 of his songs and marks the first time Hurley’s lyrics have been published in book form. It includes a foreword by the music critic Byron Coley and a French version by Marie Frankland, winner of the 2007 John-Glassco Prize for translation. All songs are calligraphed by the author. Michael Hurley (aka Doc Snock), is an American songwriter, reputedly born in 1941, whose songs have been seeping into the folk unconscious for almost 50 years now (including covers by Cat Power, Yo La Tengo, Espers and others). Hurley’s melodies and lyrics take flight into a world of plenty, inspiring wonder and humor, sin and slowness, laziness and longing. His music is often coined as “outsider folk.” His hobo lifestyle indeed could be looked upon as eccentric, but it might be better to regard him as one of the last insiders keeping alive the traditions of the folk troubadour. Hobo-ing around the country, making music since the days Bob Dylan first set foot in NYC’s Gaslight club, Hurley recorded his first album for the legendary Folkways label in 1964 and continued to release albums for Warner Brothers, Rounder or Devendra Banhart’s Gnomonsong label. His mid-’70s Have Moicy album was among the top ten for the decade selected by Rolling Stone. While many of his contemporaries are long past their prime (or deceased), Hurley’s muse is still very much alive. Cover drawing by Michael Hurley, cover typography by Kiva Tanya Stimac. Presented in a hand-stiched, 48-page book; 5,75 x 7,75″.
LWYF 002EP REUSSE, NOLEIAN: The Black Tekno EP 12″ (LWYF 002EP) 10.00
“Love What You Feel returns with a new release by Chicago native and half of Africans with Mainframes (Mathematics Recordings/Creme Organization), Noleian Reusse. The tracks on this record mostly eschew an easy four-on-the-floor rhythm in favor of raw, jacking beats. Using an all-hardware setup, Noleian banged out all new tunes especially for this five track EP. The machine funk runs wild from the jump-off, sometimes exotic, sometimes abstract, and sometimes banging, but never typical. The cuts on this record are versatile enough to fit into both techno and house sets, and there is even a dubstep-esque track that will have crossover appeal. Aside from his infrequent but memorable releases, Noleian is known for his eclectic and energetic DJ sets, a style he has been developing since the early ’90s when he would regularly check out DJ Rush and Armando at classic Chicago venues like Medusa’s and Shelter as well as the loft party scene where cats like Derrick Carter and Diz ruled. Years spent listening to WKKC and WNUR (where he would later host a radio show alongside AwM partner Jamal Moss), digging in shops like Importes and Gramaphone, as well as time spent in Warzone studios with Van Christie all added to his varied tastes. His sets feature many genres of music? disco, industrial, techno, house, pop music, and more all meld together to form his take on the style he calls ‘Black Tekno.’ His productions combine the vibes from those styles into one distinctive blend.”
LUMB 015CD BROWN, HANNIS: Severe Insomnia CD (LUMB 015CD) 16.50
Severe Insomnia — the second release by New York-based experimental composer Hannis Brown and his first album for Lumberton Trading Company — is a spine-chilling and unpredictable rollercoaster-ride of a listen. The 11 instrumental tracks run the gamut from musique concrète tape collages and electroacoustic composition to works for chamber ensembles, orchestra, and solo prepared guitar. Inspired by the meandering and disjunct images that manifest themselves on the backs of eyelids during bouts of insomnia, the music is charged with an instability marked by atonal explosions of saxophones, sedate interludes of electronic and orchestral textures, and nightmarish climaxes of tone clusters.
MA 076LP CASH, BRENT: How Strange It Seems LP (MA 076LP) 17.00
LP version. The Marina label presents the second release from Athens, GA-based Brent Cash. Brent Cash’s widely-celebrated debut album How Will I Know If I’m Awake (MA 071CD/LP) was released in 2008. The multi-instrumentalist took the long gap to create an even more elaborately crafted follow-up. How Strange It Seems is chock-full of sophisticated arrangements, multi-layered vocal harmonies, extravagant key changes and intricate rhythms. From the start, Cash decided to record his songs like “they did it back then,” so no costs were spared to hire the best players in town and assemble a mini-orchestra featuring almost 30 musicians. The resulting work sounds like a lost pop masterpiece from the ’60s and ’70s. Opening track “I Wish I Were A Song” — which bookends the record — is the song cycle’s lavishly orchestrated overture featuring strings, horns, flutes, tympani and even a harp. It perfectly sets the mood and is extremely rich in detail, scope and color. It’s followed by “It’s Easier Without Her” which sounds like a straight-ahead ’70s AM radio hit à la Todd Rundgren and America. With its infectious Burt Bacharach-like horn motif and a great harpsichord part, it seems like the perfect soundtrack to cruise into golden sunsets along the California coast line. “I Can’t Love You Anymore Than I Do” takes us straight into TV theme territory. Riding on a funky bass line, wah wah guitar and stabbing strings, it could easily be the mischievous love child of The Rockford Files, Dallas and Shaft. You can virtually see the opening titles roll to these delicious sounds. A special feature throughout the album is vocal quartet The South City Voices. Their light and breezy flow adds a lovely dose of sunshine pop to tracks like “The Heart Will Always Work Alone” and “Just Like Today” — evoking groups like The Free Design, The Swingle Singers and Roger Nichols & The Small Circle Of Friends. Title track “How Strange It Seems” is pure Brent Cash brilliance. It starts out as a West Coast singer/songwriter tune, and then gets propelled to new heights by a powerful Brill Building arrangement (even featuring castanets!) — delivered with all the vocal honesty of a Carpenters record. Its lyrics cover one of the main themes of the album: heartbreak turns into a new beginning. The album comes to a conclusion with the epic “I Just Can’t Look Away.” Clocking in at nearly seven minutes, it is an amazing musical journey. Structured in several different sections — like Jimmy Webb’s “MacArthur Park” — it takes you through a rollercoaster ride of a relationship, beautifully set to music in an extraordinarily detailed arrangement.
TROPIC 006LP VA: El Sonido De Tupac Amaru LP + 7″ (TROPIC 006LP) 23.00
“With this compilation, El Sonido de Tupac Amaru, and accompanying bonus 7′ E.P., Masstropicas presents the next installment in their quest to bring you the very finest in Peruvian cumbia. El Sonido de Tupac Amaru starts with the slow coastal pulse of Grupo Naranja, while the Amazonian sound of Iquitos Los Silvers’ ‘Sueno Amazonico’ has a smooth and soothing groove that will aurally transport you down the Amazon River in a canoe. Seven out of the ten tracks here feature vocals, such as the legendary voices of Chacal, Pancho Lema, Martin Lopez, and Claudio Moran. The three instrumentals featured here are sure to please fans of previous guitar-driven compilations. First comes Pucallpa’s Septima Region; their song ‘De la Selva Con Furor’ starts off with some nasty drumming before drawing you into a psychedelic guitar sprawl that makes you wonder, ‘Why weren’t these guys ever compiled before?’ This compilation also includes a special four song E.P. with the voice of ‘El patron de la cumbia,’ Carlos Ramirez Centeno. The first, a Destellos song, was written by the great Tito Caycho and includes the guitar work of the late Enrique Delgado. Released for the first time on vinyl in the U.S., Carlos Ramirez’s own group, Grupo Centeno, appears with his first 45 hit, ‘Rico Vacilon.’ Limited to a one-time pressing of 500 copies (hand-numbered), this release also comes with a full-color 11′ x 22′ fold-out with rare photos, scans, and other info taken from interviews with band members. It also comes with a full-color sleeve to accompany the Centeno E.P.”
MERC 811365LP MOTORHEAD: Another Perfect Day LP (MERC 811365LP) 11.50
The sixth album by Motörhead, originally released in 1983. Another Perfect Day was the first album not to feature Fast Eddie Clarke on guitar and the only album to feature Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian ‘Robbo’ Robertson. Includes the classic track “Shine.”
MINUS 104EP AMBIVALENT & ALEXI DELANO: Brooklyn Weekdays 12″ (MINUS 104EP) 11.00
Kevin McHugh, the producer & DJ commonly known as Ambivalent presents five tracks born out of a collaboration with Alexi Delano, the Swedish-born producer and resident of McHugh’s old New York stomping ground. The result of what started out as something resembling a game of musical Consequences beginning in the summer of 2009, Brooklyn Weekdays was conceived mostly in Delano’s New York studio as the two producers swapped loops and parts from works in progress that the duo had been working on individually.
MOSHEE 001EP REEKERS, THE: I Can’t Believe/Don’t Call Me Flyface 7″ (MOSHEE 001EP) 8.00
“The Reekers were a Washington DC-based rock band with members who went on to join bands such as The Hangmen, Grin, Claude Jones, and The Rosslyn Mountain Boys. They released three very hard to find singles back in the 1960s. Currently a documentary is in production about their rise and fall. ‘I Can’t Believe’ is a raw tough garage rock tune with weirdly placed background vocals and an incredible stomp beat. ‘Don’t Call Me Flyface’ is an instrumental reminiscent of Link Wray with a nice shout in the middle of it. Two great 1960s punk songs we are proud to distribute. Comes in a picture sleeve with a photo of the band.” On red vinyl.
MULE 079EP ERDEN, SELTENE: Northern Rae 12″ (MULE 079EP) 15.50
This is the debut release from Kassem Mosse under his new moniker Seltene Erden. This new incarnation was started when Mule Electronic asked him to make an ambient song for Mule’s ambient compilation Enjoy The Silence. The title track is dubby beatdown house — like Theo Parrish meets The Orb. “Bayan Obo” is taken from Enjoy The Silence Vol. 2, and sounds peaceful and ambient.
NEOS 11017CD TROJAHN, MANFRED: String Quartets CD (NEOS 11017CD) 21.00
Performed by Henschel Quartett. “Manfred Trojahn was born in Cremlingen near Braunschweig in 1949. Today he is professor of composition at the Robert Schumann School of Music and Media in Dusseldorf and a member of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts, the Hamburg Free Academy of the Arts, the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Science and Art and the Berlin Academy of the Arts. Manfred Trojahn composes for orchestra (including five symphonies to date) and chorus as well as songs and chamber music for various combinations of instruments. Henschel Quartett: Their path to international prominence was paved by celebrated debus tin major music centers and a rouings acclaimed substitution for the Juilliard Quartet in London’s Wigmore Hall, a performance broadcast live on the BBC. ‘The Henschel Quartet is unquestionably one of the best ensembles in the world — a magnificent quartet!’ — Los Angeles Times
NEOS 11033CD KURTAG, GYORGY: Complete Works For String Quartet CD/SACD (NEOS 11033CD) 21.00
Performed by Athena Quartett. “Any attempt to describe Gyorgy Kurtag or to praise him for his music is largely superfluous at this stage. Without doubt Kurtag is one of the most important composers of our time. The Athena Quartett of Berlin takes its name from Athena, the ancient Greek goddess of arts and sciences. Founded in Berlin in 1999, the ensemble studied with the Alban Berg Quartet and attended master classes headed by Ferenc Rados, Gabor Takacz and the Arditti Quartet. Thanks to its close collaboration with composers of the stature of Gyorgy Kurtag, Henri Dutilleux, Pascal Dusapin, Konstantinia Gourzi and Hans Zender, the young musicians developed a keen interest in contemporary music. Another focus in their broad repertoire is a deep study of the masterpieces of Viennese classicism with an eye to period performance practice. The Athena Quartet has won the Geneva Competition and the Joseph Joachim International Chamber Music Competition in Weimar. Performed by Athena Quartett.” Stereo/multichannel hybrid SACD that can be played on any CD player.
NEOS 11036CD MAHNKOPF, CLAUS-STEFFEN: Pynchon Cycle CD (NEOS 11036CD) 21.00
Performed by Peter Veale (oboe), Franklin Cox (cello, Ensemble SurPlus, James Avery (conductor). “Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, born in 1962 in Mannheim, studies in Composition, Music Theory, Piano, Musicology, Philosophy and Sociology with Brian Ferneyhough, Klaus Huber, Jurgen Habermas among others. Music degree and PhD. Since 1984 international prizes and awards, including the Gaudemas Prize, Stuttgart Composition Prize, Ernst von Siemens Music Grant, Villa Massimo, important commissions, numerous portrait concerts worldwide. Principal works: ‘Rhizom,’ ‘Medusa,’ ‘Kammerzyklus.’ Performed by Peter Veale, oboe, Franklin Cox, cello, Ensemble SurPlus, James Avery, Conductor.”
NEOS 11053CD TSANGARIS, MANOS: Donaueschinger Musiktage 2009 Vol. 3 CD/SACD (NEOS 11053CD) 21.00
Featured work: Batsheba. Eat The History! (Radioplay after an installation opera for actors, singers, chorus, orchestra and electronics [2008/2009]). “As always, during last year’s the Donaueschinger Musiktage 2009 tickets were sold out completely. Some world premieres — according to those people who could not get admission — should have been repeated. Due to organizational circumstances this was not possible. On this disc NEOS offers a representative selection out of all the concerts, and again of highest quality surround technology. We hope that interested people will understand that we cannot present all of the performed compositions.” Stereo/multichannel hybrid SACDs that can be played on any CD player.
NEOS 41006/7CD VA: Donaueschinger Musiktage 2005: Allurements Of The Ellipsoid 2CD/SACD (NEOS 41006/7CD) 42.00
“The newly formed Otomo Yoshihide Quartet made its debut in Donaueschingen in 2005 where it attracted quite a bit of attention. Even the new music specialists were impressed by the strong formal consistency in the approach of the four improvisers. Having defined avantgarde noise rock as well as experimental reductionism with the band Ground Zero, the Tokyo-based musician of many talents Otomo Yoshihide teamed up with a group of like-minded performers for the Donaueshingen Festival. Along with Sachiko M, Otomo’s Quartet also features two leading figures from the European improvising scene, trumpet player Axel Dornere and drummer Martin Brandlymayr. It is the versatility and open-mindedness that fused the four musicians into an extraordinary unit right from the start during the rehearsals before the Donauschingen performance. Hence the release, besides the performance program, also consists of the two most remarkable studio takes (SACD 1).” Performed by Otomo Yoshihide, Axel Dorner, Sachiko M, Martin Brandlmayr. Stereo/multichannel hybrid SACDs that can be played on any CD player.
ZEN 10278EP FLOATING POINTS ENSEMBLE: Post Suite/Almost In Profile 10″ (ZEN 10278EP) 11.00
“Welcome to The Floating Points Ensemble… the troupe surfaced at a handful of live events in 2010, this is the first time we have materials recorded and available. Far more organic and jazz-wise than Sam Sheperd’s solo productions, these two tracks are doused in soulful Hammond/Rhodes vibrations, smoky Ripperton vocal styles and jazz drumming to take you into corners previously unexplored. Prime Ninja Tune tackle.”
OLDNEWS 005LP O’ROURKE, JIM: Old News #5 2LP (OLDNEWS 005LP) 25.00
Introducing a nearly regular series of vinyl albums documenting analog synth and tape works (both studio and live) from the depths of Jim O’Rourke’s archive, spanning a near quarter century of active duty in the field. Old News #5 kicks off with “Pedal And Pedal,” a refined beauty of a live set at Tokyo’s Super Deluxe, to only be followed by a massive blast from the past in the shape of the monstrous “Detain The Man To Whom,” recorded in 1992. Record two delivers the genuine weirdness of studio session “Its Not His Room Anymore,” backed by the ripping “Mother And Who,” which is an alternate version of what would become O’Rourke’s live set at the 2003 All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival in the UK. Available only in this format.
ONU 1016CD NEW AGE STEPPERS, THE: The New Age Steppers CD (ONU 1016CD) 18.50
“This re-issue of the very first album released by On-U Sound marks a fitting start to the planned series of releases to celebrate the label’s 30th Anniversary. 1981’s eponymous debut by post-punk super group’ The New Age Steppers provided a fertile breeding ground for the cross-pollination of punk experimentation and dub sensibilities, and mapped out the innovative and culturally exciting musical territory for which On-U Sound would become legendary. Over the course of four albums that featured members of The Slits, The Roots Radics, The Pop Group, Rip, Rig and Panic and Aswad, The New Age Steppers were not so much a band as a loosely knit collective of musicians from some of Britain’s best avant garde post-punk/funk bands. Cut-and-paste dub mixing, heady psychedelic swirls, adventurous sound collages, robust reggae rhythms, and spiraling, off-center vocals all contributed to the unique music created by Adrian Sherwood and his Steppers. Their sound was among the most exhilarating and consistently challenging to come out of Britain during the early post-punk era. Originally released as ON-U LP1 in 1981, this new edition includes four bonus tracks previously unreleased outside Japan. Personnel includes Viv Albertine, Mark Stewart, Ari Up, Crucial Tony, John Waddington, Steve Beresford, and Style Scott.”
ONU 1017CD CREATION REBEL: Starship Africa CD (ONU 1017CD) 18.50
“Creation Rebel’s Starship Africa is the greatest sci-fi dub soundtracks never put to film. Produced and arranged by Adrian Sherwood and created by some of the greats from the On-U Sound stable of musicians (including Doctor Pablo, Crucial Tony, Style Scott and Eskimo Fox), it is one of the finest moments of British Dub. Compared to acts as far afield as Tangerine Dream and the Grateful Dead, Starship Africa is a truly psychedelic dub experience, spread over just two tracks (albeit broken down into five and four movements apiece), that stands among the most intriguing of all Sherwood’s earliest creations. This album is a criminally underrated masterpiece and essential headphone listening. Originally released as in 1980 and later re-issued on On-U Sound as ON-ULP8 in 1982, this new edition also includes four bonus tracks previously unreleased outside Japan.”
ONU 1018CD AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE: Off The Beaten Track CD (ONU 1018CD) 18.50
“When African Head Charge released their fourth album Off The Beaten Track in 1986, it was a newly remade ensemble. Lead by percussionist Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah, the band included live drums, melodica, keyboards and bass backed by samples and tape loops. In 1986, the sampler was a new toy; the use of it here is so fresh and progressive that the resulting album still sounds modern and innovative today. When it was released, it sounded like nothing else around at the time — the combination of fat beats, dub, psychedelia and ethnic chants was to provide the template which many lesser lights attempted to emulate over the ensuing years. Off The Beaten Track is both a seminal recording in the use of sound-bite technology and an excellent example of the integration of live instrumentation and programmed music. Produced by Adrian Sherwood and featuring Bonjo Iyabingho Noah, Eskimo, A.V.Scott, Skip McDonald, Dr. Pablo, and Jah Wobble. Originally released as ON-U LP40 in 1986. This edition features previously unreleased bonus track ‘Good Things.'”
OSTGUT 048EP STEFFI: Remixes 12″ (OSTGUT 048EP) 12.00
This EP showcases three special remixes of tracks off Steffi’s debut album Yours & Mine (OSTGUT 016CD/008LP). Staffan Lindberg’s hypnotic, rave-tinged mix of “Yours” weaves an intricate tale for the dancefloor — nothing is rushed and the classic elements have room to shine in his fluid arrangement. Lone’s remix works the Chicago-vibed “Arms” into a magical cosmic future-acid trip. The Analogue Cops’ pumping remix of “You Own My Mind” is a perfect example of their trademark rough, tripped-out house vibe.
OVM 215EP LAHS, NICO: Clouded Visions EP 12″ (OVM 215EP) 12.00
Ovum is excited to bring you the debut EP from Nico Lahs which delivers two incredible slices of deepness. The Clouded Visions EP harkens back to the classic early Ovum sound, but this is clearly a 2011 version of it. “Late Night” is deep but pumping for any dancefloor. “All I Desire” has a classic NY feel, with the only thing missing possibly being a husky male vocal. This track can take you back to the Shelter. Two amazing, deep productions.
P&S 003EP PEABODY & SHERMAN: Korla Pandit 7″ (P&S 003EP) 6.00
“Boy & Dog take the Wayback Machine to the Mysterious Orient to update 2 tracks from the great Korla Pandit. Expect Middle Eastern Hammond themes in a dub setting as they remix ‘Miserlou’ & ‘Strange Enchantment.'” Hand-stamped white label 7″.
RD 007CD FOX: San Francisco Session CD (RD 007CD) 21.00
“An unreleased album from this post-Day Blindness band, recorded in 1969/70. This album is a heavy bluesy psychedelic masterpiece of the highest order. It is virtually the second Day Blindness album with slight personnel changes, but musically in a more heavy psychedelic direction. The lead guitarist Gary Pihl is well known today for being the guitar player of Boston. Here he plays an amazing psychedelic guitar and it reminds us in parts of the mighty Mariani’s Perpetuum Mobile album. Superb bass guitar by Johnny V. Vernazza and crazy drums by Roy Garcia, who later went to play with the legendary band Gold (of Rockadelic Records fame!). Only one 45 single was ever released of those fantastic sessions on Studio 10, and the single is mega rare these days. CD features 2 long (20 minutes!!!) bonus tracks.” Enhanced CD-ROM content with band history, pictures and additional notes.
RLR 057EP MONKS: Pretty Suzanne/Monk Time 7″ (RLR 057EP) 8.50
“1967 unreleased heavy fuzz version, from the mega-rare one-sided acetate. This is the one to change the history books. So far we were lead to believe that the Monks, after their LP failed to chart, tuned it down and tried a couple more pop tunes before vanishing into oblivion. The truth is far from that. Bound by their contract with Polydor, the Monks were unable to develop their music the way they really wanted to. In 1967, the Monks went on their own time and money into Tonstudio Pfanz near Hamburg to record this smashing fuzz-driven freak beat version of ‘Pretty Suzanne’ behind Polydor’ s back! Trying to fuck over Germany’s biggest record label? It doesn’t get more punk than that in my book. Sure enough, they got in trouble for it and this killer version remained unreleased to this day. This is the first ever legit reissue in full cooperation with the Monks. Mastered from the original (only known!) acetate. In amazing, hi-fidelity fuzz sound.”
ROCK 031LP JERUSALEM: Jerusalem LP (ROCK 031LP) 22.00
“Gatefold cover vinyl reissue of stunning 1972 UK heavy rock monster produced by Ian Gillan, originally released on the Deram/Decca label. Requests have been pouring in for a vinyl version of this classic and now it has finally arrived! High quality gatefold cover near-exact reissue, right down to the labels, of this illustrious collector favorite and downright savage early 70s proto-metal hard rock beast of an album. Remastered for vinyl direct from the original master tapes. Includes insert with liner notes and photos. Lyrics are inside gatefold cover. File this under ‘must-have’ reissue right alongside Truth and Janey’s No Rest for the Wicked LP!”
ROCK 032CD HILLARY BLAZE: Exposure CD (ROCK 032CD) 14.00
“Official reissue of sought after 1977 metallic sci-fi hard rock private press record, featuring ex-members of the psychedelic 60s group Paper Garden. Available again for the first time in over 30 years! Recorded and mastered during the summer of ’76, Exposure was originally released in 1977 on their own 30th Century Fox label. Music fans re-discovered this gem sometime in the 90s and the original pressing has since become a record collector prize. The spacey punk vibe, sizzling guitar and snotty vocals give the album a unique and ear-catching sound for its time. Re-mastered for compact disc from the original tapes, the resulting sound is nothing short of killer! Play this one loud! Enjoy another fine addition to Rockadrome’s Vintage label catalog.”
ROCK 035CD LIQUID SOUND COMPANY, THE: Acid Music for Acid People CD (ROCK 035CD) 14.00
“Deep from the underground of Texas psychedelia, The Liquid Sound Company returns from the depths yet again with a third album led by guitarist and doom guru John Perez (Solitude Aeturnus). Acid Music for Acid People is a culmination of newer studio recordings coupled with very rare live and demo recordings. Totally disregarding any trends in psychedelic or other forms of music, the band stretches out and produces a soothing and at times intense, mind altering stew fit for cosmic travels and massive mind meandering. Approaching these recordings with a direct line to higher key realms, Acid Music finds our favorite unknown Texas band keeping it simple with little or no overdubs, wrenching out a pure and raw connection to the psychedelic properties of the music. Sit back, fire up the lava lamps, pop those tabs and get ready to transport!”
LAUNCH 035LP TEETH OF THE SEA: Hypnoticon LP (LAUNCH 035LP) 16.50
Hypnoticon is the first new release by London’s Teeth Of The Sea since their acclaimed debut album Orphaned By The Ocean (LAUNCH 031CD). Since their debut was released, Teeth Of The Sea have been taking their unique sound around the UK’s stages and blowing away acolytes while touring with the likes of Oneida, Wooden Shjips and The Heads. Now Rocket Recordings are proud to introduce Hypnoticon, an EP of new material from Teeth Of The Sea. The EP kicks off with the track “In The Space Capsule (Love Theme),” and Queen fans amongst us will recognize this track as a cover version of a track from the Flash Gordon soundtrack. The band covered the entire album in front of the film (and in costume) on New Year’s Eve 2009, and this track struck such a nerve that it became the opener of their live set, and was thus committed spectacularly to posterity. Those of you that witnessed their sets on the recent Oneida tour may recognize the second track “Hypnoticon Viva” as their set closer. An in-your-face keyboard-driven psychedelic juggernaut, it combines a formidable acid-fried propulsion with a white-light rock imperative that joins the cosmic dots between Spacemen 3 and Iron Maiden to euphoric effect. Finally, we have the track “The Island Is,” an 11-minute travelogue of haunting ambience and panoramic melancholia that showcases Teeth Of The Sea at their most mournful, cinematic and otherworldly.
RBTW 001EP TIGER & WOODS: Gin Nation 12″ (RBTW 001EP) 12.00
12″ album sampler for Tiger & Woods’ debut album Through The Green. Featuring the dynamic duo’s top-secret super hit “Gin Nation,” the brand-new ecstasy epic “Kissmetellme” and the DJ-friendly beat-up heat-up “Kissmetellmemore.” You’re in for some top notch editainment, shrouded in mystery.
“Frkwys Vol. 6 features four pieces composed and performed by artists Julianna Barwick and Ikue Mori as part of a month long installation curated by RVNG Intl. at White Columns gallery, New York City, NY. For the installation, a particle board cubicle was custom constructed and placed at the center of the Project Space. The cubicle wall separated Julianna and Ikue to their respective seated work stations, while stationary web cams captured the musicians at work/play and became interactive projections auto-manipulated by video artist Erik Mika, illuminating this exercise in simulated engagement. Each of Julianna and Ikue’s improvised performances on October 29th, 2010, were cut live to vinyl via portable lathe. Julianna and Ikue met a second time three weeks later at White Columns, November 16th 2010. This time the two musicians collaborated without an audience, cubicle, web cams, or lathe, but with past experience and spirit in place, an exercise in actual engagement. The four pieces of FRKWYS Vol. 6 include two performances from the first collaboration, and two performances from the latter collaboration. The LP is available in limited edition, packaged in thick black jackets with a two color adhesive wrap. All LPs come with a 24 page black & white zine featuring photography by Mayer and Rogac.”
SM 002LP JUNE BRIDES, THE: London, England 1984-1986 LP (SM 002LP) 14.00
“First vinyl-only compilation of great British post-Postcard/proto-C86 indie-pop quintet, collecting songs from their output for Pink and In Tape. Liner notes with commentary on each tune by songwriters Phil Wilson and Simon Beesley.”
SM 003LP VA: Where the Soul Of Man Never Dies LP (SM 003LP) 12.00
Subtitled: A Treasury Of Caucasian-American Gospel. “Compilation of rare white gospel. Early country brother duo harmonies, gorgeous gospel bluegrass, and roaring Pentecostal pandemonium. Liner notes by Mike McGonigal. Spanning the years 1937-1977 including tracks by Blue Sky Boys, Anglin Twins, Delmore Brothers, Brother Claude Ely and many more.”
SOL 033CD CONTROLLED BLEEDING: The Poisoner CD (SOL 033CD) 14.00
1997 release. “Controlled Bleeding’s finest work is presented in the form of The Poisoner, a deeply disturbing, richly dynamic aural nightmare that redefines one’s vision of hell (just listen to part 2 and you’ll understand!). Here, Lemos, with the assistance of San Diego experimental composer Guy Lohnes, has created a work truly actualizing the potential that was always indicated in the group’s work.”
SOL 175CD LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, THE: The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse CD (SOL 175CD) 14.00
“The Legendary Pink Dots originally released The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse in 1990, sandwiched between the highly acclaimed albums The Golden Age and The Maria Dimension. Critics may differ, but fans generally consider this period to be the band’s creative peak, an opinion that is backed up by solid and steady sales of the back catalog. The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse is an intoxicating blend of rock and psychedelia, seasoned with a touch whimsy, simultaneously engaging and memorable. Two decades on the music stands unblemished, timeless, enduring, and vital. For this reissue the music has been remastered by the Dots’ soundman Raymond Steeg, and the CD booklet has been reworked and expanded.”
SG 1147EP ORPHX: Traces 12″ (SG 1147EP) 12.00
These highly-respected experimental/industrial veterans from Canada are back with a release on Sonic Groove. Orphx continues to build upon the dark & deep atmospheres they created with their two previous Sonic Groove EPs, this time with three tracks that foreground relentless rhythms, modular synthesis, and ghostly voices. This is mind music and body music, deeply hypnotic and infused with erotic tension. Previous support from Dave Clarke, Marcel Dettmann, Laurent Garnier, Ben Klock, Luke Slater, Substance, Surgeon and Peter Van Hoesen.
STRAW 001CD AKA: Hard Beat CD (STRAW 001CD) 15.00
“First anthology from Indonesia’s heaviest psychedelic and progressive funk rock group. CD housed in ‘old school’ gatefold sleeve with insert. AKA featured on Now Again’s Those Shocking Shaking Days compilation (2011). Originating from Indonesia’s second largest city, Surabaya, East Java, AKA is an acronym of Apotik Kali Asin. Starting off their careers as an infamous local band with notorious crowd pleasing antics, AKA regularly went through repertoires of Steppenwolf, Grand Funk Railroad, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Three Dog Night before finding a significant audience outside their home city. It was soon after that the band signed with a Jakarta based label, Indra Records that they started producing a steady release of albums, including 11 studio LPs and a couple of compilations. The lead singer Ucok Harahap – who famously idolizes James Brown- is perhaps the most notorious rock performer in Indonesia’s pop history, infamous for brandishing (amongst others) coffins, whips and stripping naked on stage during performances. Sadly due to recording English based, heavy psychedelic/progressive funk, AKA’s music failed to gain popularity at the time of its release. Today, AKA is recognized as one of Indonesia’s top rock bands of all time, and for good reason. With this release, we are proud to offer an Anthology encompassing AKA’s heaviest & funkiest moments.”
DUBK 015EP DUBKASM: Remixed Part 3 12″ (DUBK 015EP) 11.00
These transformations of Dubkasm riddims find Peverelist in deep, meditative form on “Strictly Ital,” putting Ras Adam’s dread drawl to great use over sumptuous subs and a sparingly-used late ’80s digital-style riff, with spot-on awareness of space, vibe and drive. On the flip, Guido takes a more modern approach to “Nyah Keith,” reworking the track within his tougher sound-sphere in an equally robust but less subtle manner. Big tip for all rooted dubstep heads.
TEC 049EP ADDISON GROOVE: This Is It/Make Um Bounce 12″ (TEC 049EP) 11.00
Massive new Tectonic 12″ from Bristol’s very own Tony Williams aka Addison Groove. Taking in elements of the Chicago juke/footwork scene and bringing in bass-heavy dubstep production, Addison Groove has made a huge impression on dance music. “This Is It” is a 138bpm dancefloor banger, blending bass science with original Chicago attitude. “Make Um Bounce” is bass-heavy and full of booty-bouncing badness! DJ support from Kode9, Skream, Pinch, Loefah, James Zabiela, Jackmaster, Boddika, Martyn, 2562 and many more!
TEMPA 053.1EP SKREAM: Where You Should Be feat. Sam Frank Part 1 12″ (TEMPA 053.1EP) 11.00
Skream literally doesn’t rest. Quite clearly the South London DJ and producer loves what he does, and what he does involves constantly challenging the ever-changing musical landscape before him. Setting his own precedent in 2011, Skream releases his next single taken from Outside The Box (TEMPA 016CD/LP) with “Where You Should Be” featuring Sam Frank. This is the first of two EPs, featuring the original version backed by Shy FX’s soulful drum & bass remix.
TEMPA 053.2EP SKREAM: Where You Should Be feat. Sam Frank Part 2 12″ (TEMPA 053.2EP) 11.00
The second of two EPs of Skream’s single from his Outside The Box (TEMPA 016CD/LP) full-length. This one features Seiji’s remix on the A-side, backed by Zed Bias’ 2-step style remix on the flip.
TSQ 2578CD FAIRFIELD, FRANK: Out On The Open West CD (TSQ 2578CD) 13.00
“A young Californian who sings and plays as someone who’s crawled out of the Virginia mountains carrying familiar songs that in his hands sound forgotten: broken lines, a dissonant drone, the fiddle or the banjo all percussion, every rising moment louder than the one before it.” — Greil Marcus”Out on the Open West is Frank Fairfield’s new album. It was produced by Michael Kieffer (Origin Jazz Library) and features guest accompaniment by Willie Watson (Old Crow Medicine Show), Jerron ‘Blind Boy’ Paxton, Tom Marion, Justin and Josh Petrojvic and Brandon Armstrong. The album is a departure for Frank, having written most of the tunes himself, and bringing in the other players to round out his songs. His music has made fans of people like Ry Cooder, Grammy-winning producer Chris King (Charley Patton, People Take Warning box sets) and Greil Marcus, to name a few.”
TRAUM 138EP DAVIS, RYAN: Light & Shadow EP 12″ (TRAUM 138EP) 12.00
Few artists in the electronic modern dance scene of today make music that seems serious and intense and still makes club people go wild. Ryan Davis captures a bit of the lost treasure of the golden days of techno, always reflecting moments of beauty with a collective feel. “Supernova” brings together hints of West Coast psychedelic soundtracks of the ’70s, pop art, shoegaze and maybe Salvador Dali’s surrealism. A masterful journey of truly epic proportions.
MBCV 001EP HARDY, RON: Music Box Classics 1 12″ (MBCV 001EP) 10.00
White label reissue of Ron Hardy’s re-edit series. Chicago dance classics.
MBCV 002EP HARDY, RON: Music Box Classics 2 12″ (MBCV 002EP) 10.00
Re-edits, part 2.
MBCV 003EP HARDY, RON: Music Box Classics 3 12″ (MBCV 003EP) 10.00
Re-edits, part 3.
VAMPI 107CD OLAIYA, VICTOR: All Stars Soul International CD (VAMPI 107CD) 16.50
2009 release. Victor Olaiya is certainly one of the legendary foundation stones of modern Nigerian music, yet he has never received much acknowledgement or really had his albums released or promoted in any quantity outside of Nigeria. So this Vampisoul release is a step in the right direction. Dr. Victor Abimbola Olaiya, the evil genius of highlife, is still sockin’ it to them after 60 years on stage. If you’re lucky you can catch him blowing that trumpet and singing his heart out at his own celebrated “Stadium Hotel” in Lagos, Nigeria. This album from 1970 is from Olaiya’s highlife/funk phase, and it’s worth taking a trawl through his back pages to see how he became the Evil Genius, before you roll back the rug and get down with the highlife-funk. Our carefully produced reissue comes with extensive liner notes by specialist Max Reindhart.
VAMPI 107LP OLAIYA, VICTOR: All Stars Soul International LP (VAMPI 107LP) 16.50
LP version.
VAMPI 113CD VA: Gozalo! – Bugalú Tropical Vol. 3 CD (VAMPI 113CD) 12.00
2009 release. Vampisoul presents the third volume in our series of tropical Peruvian music of the 1960s. It was labels like MAG, Iempsa, Dinsa and Sono Radio that captured this emerging sound. Like the previous two volumes, this album captures a little known but dynamic moment in Peru’s musical development that allowed the consolidation of new trends oriented towards what would become known by the early 70s as salsa, as well as forging a vibrant scene that incorporated cumbia, Latin soul, rock, and jazz funk. Compiler Rafael Hurtado de Mendoza brings you a new volume of this exciting, spicy mix of tropical gems that fill in the missing link between the mambo era and the dawn of salsa in South America. Mario Allison, Alfredo Linares, Nilo Espinosa, Silvestre Montes, Tito Chicoma, Charlie Palomares, Ñico Estrada and Willie Marambio may not be well known names in “el Norte” yet, but the tasty tunes they cut over 30 years ago are a rare treat for the Latin music enthusiast. Coco Lagos and Melcochita may be the only names that people will recognize, but Los Girasoles (with their guitar-heavy break-neck speed rock/cumbia) and Lucho Macedo (arguably the first Peruvian tropical superstar), will become household names before long.
VAMPI 114CD KUBISOVA, MARTA: NE! The Soul Of Marta Kubisová CD (VAMPI 114CD) 22.00
2009 release. Marta Kubisová was the most popular Czechoslovakian female singer of the late 1960s, heading for an international career but banned by the communist regime until 1989. Compiled from the Supraphon archives, this 1966-1970 selection focuses on her roughest songs, with plenty of fuzz guitars and funky beats, punchy horns and razor-sharp organs underlying her deep and soulful voice. Marta’s first professional recordings for Supraphon date back to 1963, when she was age 21. After spending three years singing jazzy tunes in provincial theatres, in late 1964 she followed her discoverer and mentor, the composer and future Supraphon producer Bohuslav Ondrácek, to the renowned Rokoko theatre in Prague. There she performed with superstar Waldemar Matuska and with her later Golden Kids bandmates Helena Vondrácková and Václav Neckár until 1968. They recruited a rhythm section of young beat musicians, giving the sound a progressive contemporary touch. The horn section, on the other hand, featured top players from various pop, jazz and even classical orchestras. This explosive blend of personalities was responsible for some of the funkiest grooves that emerged from the rather conservative Supraphon studios. In 1969 Marta Kubisová and The Golden Kids recorded dozens of songs which were released on numerous seven-inch singles as well as on two albums: Micro-Magic-Circus and Golden Kids 1 (aka Music Box No. 1). The repertoire contained original compositions as well as cover versions of international pop, beat and soul hits with Czech lyrics. Within the group Marta was usually given the soulful or melancholic material, as it would suit her deep and dark timbre. Additionally, Supraphon finally released Marta’s first solo LP, Songy A Balady, presenting a more personal selection of songs. Extensive notes covering Marta Kubisová’s career by compiler Lukás Machata.
VAMPI 119CD EL GRAN FELLOVE: Mango Mangue CD (VAMPI 119CD) 16.50
2010 release. Vampisoul presents a compilation of the late ’50s and early ’60s recordings by this unique singer and showman from Cuba, a contemporary of Pérez Prado, Cachao and Mongo Santamaría. Includes his famous ska/mambo crossover hit “El Jamaiquino.” Francisco Fellove Valdés composed “Mango Mangüé” when he was 16, in Niño Rivera’s house. The first musician to record the song was the singer Miguelito Valdés. Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, the flautist Johnny Pacheco and Aldemaro Romero also recorded it. In 1955, Fellove travelled to Mexico City where he made his debut at Roberto Morales’s Bar Latino with José Antonio Méndez before going to the El Burro club with the Orquesta América. He recorded a few 45s and six LPs for RCA Victor. The artistic director of RCA was the pianist and songwriter Mario Ruiz Armengol, who did a few arrangements for Fellove and lent him his orchestra for the recording sessions. So, beginning with his Havana scat, in which he expressed Cuba’s musical soul, the chua-chua was born in Mexico City. Along with Hector Batamba he organized a sextet with Lalo Montaner on the flute, Raúl Cerda on the piano, Hector Leal on the güiro, “El Lobo” on the drums and “El Ratón” on bass. After recording for RCA Victor (from September 1956 to September 1957) the group broke up when Batamba went to Europe. Fellove formed a new band: “I had invented the chua-chua, a kind of scat. In my group, Lobo and Melón did the choruses.” In this compilation we discover Fellove’s guarachera facet along with the best examples of his career in chuachua, but also some very original versions of the classics of Mexican music (“Te Quiero Corazón,” “Baile El Minuet”) and of Puerto Rican music (“Cortaron a Elena”). Even more surprising is his interpretation of a Río de la Plata classic, “Los ejes de mi carreta.”
VAMPI 119LP EL GRAN FELLOVE: Mango Mangue 2LP (VAMPI 119LP) 25.50
2LP version.
VAMPI 121CD SPITERI: Spiteri CD (VAMPI 121CD) 16.50
2010 release. Reissue of this magical album that merges rock, soul and psychedelia with Venezuelan rhythms. Recorded in London in 1973, Spiteri gained the support of artists such as Noel Redding, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Bob Marley, Steve Winwood and many others. This is the only legacy from the most important Latin rock group from Venezuela. In love with the British band Traffic and full of Latin American feeling, brothers Charles and Jorge Spiteri decided to move from Caracas to London at the start of the ’70s and try their luck as musicians. Jorge had started out in bands such as Los Nasty Pillows, Fantastic Guasacaca, Los Juniors and Los Memphis. In London he met up with his brother Charlie (ex-Los Memphis) and had the chance to know two of the great artists of the “British Invasion”: Georgie Fame and Alan Price, keyboard player in The Animals. One thing led to another and Jorge also met Mervin “Muff” Winwood, brother of British super star Stevie Winwood, who fully introduced Jorge to London’s music scene. It was during those years when the idea for a band mixing the Latin sound with rock was born. The rhythm section was completed by Bernardo Hall (ex- Los Impala) on drums, while Joseíto Romero (ex-member of Tsee Mud and Bacro) was the lead guitarist. A fundamental piece in this line-up was José Manuel “Chema” Arria (ex-Los Claners and Sangre), the bass player, as he had a long professional experience. The last one to join them was Rubén “Micho” Correa (ex-Los Kings and Grupo Pan), who took on flute and vocals. It was in fact a Venezuelan super group established in London, so it wasn’t long before London’s music industry saw in Spiteri a British alternative to the popular “Santana sound.” In 1973, the band was signed by record company GM. The record was released in Venezuela at the end of 1973. They were Venezuelans recording in Europe and making fusion rock that hadn’t been heard before; it was Venezuelan music but in a completely contemporary format. Mixing English and Spanish, Jorge Spiteri’s compositions and arrangements opened a new horizon, where Venezuelan folklore, Afro-Caribbean elements, hard rock and bolero-charged ballads converged. CD version includes 7 bonus tracks.
VAMPI 121LP SPITERI: Spiteri LP (VAMPI 121LP) 19.50
LP version.
VEEJAY 1066LP HOOKER, JOHN LEE: On Campus LP (VEEJAY 1066LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1964. Electric guitar. Occasional background singers. Not a live album. From the back cover: “It would be erroneous and misleading to suggest that the Negro no longer knows the blues. He does; but today, he normally takes a more subtle route to self expression than singing. He registers his protest in a more universal language… Only the John Lee Hookers of the profession remain to remind us of from whence all the came — raw, unbridled, painful misery.”
VOD 085LP CROSS, TARA: Tara Cross 1982-89 4LP BOX (VOD 085LP) 108.00
“Box includes Spurt Ditties (1982); Waiting for the War (1983); Concocting Chaos (83); collaboration-tracks with Unovidual; Searchlight & Torch (84, with Stefan Tischler of Port Said); Limelight (85); compilation-tracks 83-89, Tempus Fugit (88). Excellent wide-ranging minimal/synth & wave-tunes by one of the most outstanding female artists in the ’80s cassette-culture and wave/underground releasing a total of 4 tapes, one LP and contributing to numerous cassette- and vinyl-compilation. As a musician, she considers herself as some sort of sound structure-er who experiments with sound the same way as a painter would experiment with colors.” Presented in a plush embossed boxset — limited to 600 numbered copies for the world — featuring full-color inner sleeves (intense Bobby Houlihan-designed images of the artist’s head) and an insert.
VOD 086LP VAN KAYE + IGNIT: Anthology 80-85 5LP BOX (VOD 086LP) 132.00
“Great, fantastic minimal-synth-tracks from legendary Dutch duo Van Kaye and Ignit. Van Kaye alias Ed Van Kasteren (studying history of the arts and being singer of Monomen in the late ’70s) and Ignit Bekken (performing artist, painter and studying to become an art-teacher) meet in early 1980 and started working and experimenting with synthesizers. The result was the minimal/synth-classic and highly sought-after tapes A Slight Delay and With a Little Help, which they distributed and published through their own Ding Dong Discs label. Another ex-Monoman, William Wiusselink alias ‘Wizzkopf’, joined the project in 1982. VK&I did run the famous record-label Ding Dong Records & Tapes which published beautifully designed releases of independent/wave-artists such as Legendary Pink Dots, Bene Gesserit, Anne Gillis and many more incl. the all-time-classic-must-have-compilation Film Noir. This box includes both tapes ‘A Slight Delay’ (as 8-track demo an 11-track original release) and ‘With A Little Help’ as well as the ultra-rare Picasso on the Wall 7″-tracks, 17 compilation-contributions from 1981-85 (incl. the Radionome-tracks), 7 unreleased-tracks/demos recorded between 80-85 and a 30 minute live-concert held in Rotterdam 1983.”
VOD 087LP M.A.L.: The M.A.L. Tapes LP (VOD 087LP) 25.00
“One side full of great minimal/synth-tracks from his early 80s tapes Chemistry, Two Faces and Outlaw on labels like Grafika Airline and Insane Music; the other side with two mind-blowing and -opening electric-guitar-tracks from 1971-74 which will definitely touch your consciousness for music-history and hopefully help re-write it. Alain Neffe of Pseudo Code / Bene Gesserit (Insane Music) participated on two of the pieces. M.A.L.’s cassettes have been remastered in superb sound quality by Anders Peterson almost 40 years after it was recorded for the first time.” Numbered edition of 600 copies.
VOD 088LP PSYCHE: Insomnia Theatre 3LP BOX/7″/DVD (VOD 088LP) 95.00
“It all started sometime at the dawn of the ’80s by two Canadian brothers, Darrin and Stephen Huss while living with their parents in Edmonton, Alberta. The first and only synthesizer based act in our whole region, were joined by third member Dwayne Goettel and subsequently formed the band Psyche. A combination of horror and electronics that in the area of Western Canada was completely unheard of and would continue to be considered quite shocking until the music finally caught on. When the Huss family moved to Waterloo, Ontario, Darrin and Stephen took time out from their school work to lay down what would become this official debut album of Psyche’s music. With fearlessly experimental electro-titles such as ‘Children Carry Knives’, ‘Psychic Vampire’, ‘Maggots’, and ‘The Brain Collapses’. Under the disguised names Evan Panic (Darrin), and Anthony Red (Stephen) Psyche, with release on hand prepared themselves for a proper onslaught on the further unsuspecting Canadian audience, and the rest of the world. This 3 album edition of Insomnia Theatre also contains the 4-Track recordings while Dwayne was a member, as well as several rare direct to cassette demos, the tracks of Tales From The Darkside, as well as our now collectable 12″ of Thundershowers. Plus the monumental ‘Unveiling The Secret’ appears in its album version to round out the complete vision of Psyche’s early beginnings from 1983 up to this 1986 breakthrough club hit!”
VOD 089LP FOCKEWULF 190: Microcosmos 82-86 2LP (VOD 089LP) 39.00
“Suberb synth- and wave-tunes of Fockewulf 190 including the two Italo-disco-classic 12″s Body Heat and Gitano plus more demos and so far unreleased treasures like Orient ‘Express’ collected from the archive of Victor. Victor once stated: ‘The Fockewulf 190 project was created as a shape equal to a substance, experimental analogy electronic music connected to the theatrical and mimic power of rock and the romantic and esthetic force of the electronic dance of the 80s. We translated those expressive channels with the force of a psychedelic mind folded into a magic and evocative world, an profound research into ourselves. This personal and futuristic mysticism originated the dark side of Italo disco.’ The publishing, 25 years later, of what should have been our first album in 1986, Microcosmos, shines a light on the sonic creativity of the Fw 190, also because it’s a record composed only by simple original demos; something pure and synthetic, uncontaminated by commercial compromises.” Gatefold sleeve; numbered edition of 600 copies.
VOD 090LP ATTRITION: Demonstro 1981-86 2LP (VOD 090LP) 39.00
“Slices of Attrition’s earliest existence. A double LP with previously unreleased, rare and demo recordings from the earliest days on Third mind records and beyond. From the initial post punk line up to the early experiments with analogue electronics in the band’s fledgling home studio. Rescued from forgotten cassette mixes and 4 track tapes, restored and remastered by Martin Bowes, including sleeve notes by Third Mind’s Gary levermore, unreleased photos and artwork and available for the first time on vinyl.” Gatefold sleeve with insert; numbered edition of 600 copies.
WARP 212CD BATTLES: Gloss Drop CD (WARP 212CD) 15.50
“It is true that Gloss Drop is a bewitching, entrancing album that defies both categorization and easy analysis. Just as Mirrored was a massive leap on from the early EPs that first got them noticed, this is truly another seismic shift, propelling them once more into uncharted territory. It is a sheer sense of fun, unpredictability and inventiveness that sets Battles apart from every other contemporary group. Drummer John Stanier sums this up succinctly: ‘I don’t think challenging, new music has to be super serious all the time. That’s really boring to me and pushing boundaries should not be boring.’ While other acts are content to deal in revivalism or stasis, Battles are still looking for far-off boundaries to study and then demolish, searching for new and exotic styles to mesh together. Stanier concludes: ‘When we’re writing songs, no one in this group has ever said ‘Wait, we’ve gone too far. This isn’t a Battles song.’ Because what is a Battles song? We don’t know. All I know is that there are no parameters and no boundaries. That is the whole point and has been since day one.'” Includes poster. Featuring guest appearances by: Matias Aguayo, Gary Numan, Kazu Makino and Yamantaka Eye.
WARP 212LP BATTLES: Gloss Drop 2LP (WARP 212LP) 23.50
Gatefold 2LP version with poster insert.
WPP 002EP TEJADA & ARIAN LEVISTE, JOHN: Western Starland Remixes 2011 12″ (WPP 002EP) 12.00
“Western Starland” is surely one of the signature tunes by tech-funk luminary John Tejada and his long-time collaborateur Ariane Leviste. Originally released in 2001 on his Palette imprint, this is one of those tunes that never leaves crates and if you have been dancing anywhere in the last 10 years, you’ll instantly recognize those synthetic string chords. Tejada revamps the original with a brand-new 2011 mix and the flip holds the glorious original plus the Tejada VIP mix from 2003.
ROAD 027EP LOVEBIRDS: Want You In My Soul 12″ (ROAD 027EP) 12.00
This latest Lovebirds EP on Winding Road Records is another absolute masterpiece of chilled house soul and deep rave. On the A-side track, “Want You In My Soul,” Lovebirds teams up with vocalist Stee Downes. Their collaboration for Winding Road is a driving vocal house bomb that will rock your world. Hot Toddy offers a remix on the flip.
WIR 022EP KINDER, ZIGGY: Favela Talking 12″ (WIR 022EP) 12.00
Wir proudly presents the first release by their Cologne buddy Ziggy Kinder, who has slotted impressive releases on labels such as Ware and Souvenir. “Favela” is the term generally used to refer to a shanty town in Brazil. Ziggy recorded the vocals originally with Aline de Magalhaes during a trip to Brazil. This house tune has been tested successfully on the dancefloor and comes with a great remix by Hamburg’s Soukie & Windish.
WR 017EP FRANKLIN: I Know 7″ (WR 017EP) 8.50
Limited silkscreened 7″ for fans of Atlas Sound, Lali Puna, Neon Indian, Twin Shadow, etc. Franklin is Franck Rabeyrolles’ (Double U) side project. Where Double U’s music seems more intimate, folky and melancholic, Franklin sounds more like mutant pop. Includes a remix by Com Truise.
YRRBTCD 002LP DJ PREMIER: Beats That Collected Dust Volume 2 LP (YRRBTCD 002LP) 20.00
“So…….I should have released this one a while ago, but I thought that these tracks would find a home somewhere with vocals of some kind attached to it…..Oh well, no big deal….I always will make more and more and more beats…I LOVE THIS GAME ! Volume 2 has a few old potential Gang Starr tracks that we never used back in 1993 for our Hard To Earn LP, but they were not better than the ones that made the cut….since they sound dated next to my style of production in the 2000 era, now YOU have it….And don’t 4get the BONUS cut at the end of the LP which I will continue to add only to these releases……Much love to all of the supporters of Vol. 1 and especially all of the MCs that sent versions spittin’ lyrics over them for demos, mixtape CDs, and freestyling on radio mixshows…..I actually forgot to add some ill beats that I had intended for Vol. 2, so that means Vol. 3 will be next…….Year Round Records will ALWAYS keep the vinyl alive and QUALITY will NEVER be compromised….. NOD YA HEADS 2 THIS !!!” — DJ Premier
YS 777LP INTRIGUES, THE: In A Moment LP (YS 777LP) 11.50
Philadelphia soul trio The Intrigues had a string of hits produced by Bobby Martin and Thom Bell, including “In A Moment” and “I’m Gonna Love You.” The anthemic title track is probably the most well-known and was the second single released by Yew Records.
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