Faust Degada, already member of Degada Saf, is releasing his first solo album,
“Lux&Uria”, on CD for Cherryno Music / B79 Music /NovaMD Gmbh-Straight Distribution.

“Lux&Uria” contains 12 tracks that represent and put two abstract concepts in juxtaposition: the reasons for our quest for UNIVERSAL LIGHT and the PHYSICAL BEING, a being which lives a material life passing through
multiple experiences of which one is LUST (LUSSURIA in Italian): the expression of a being who is projected beyond himself, in his carnal search of the unknown, conceived outside any form of moral concept, as an
essential element of the dynamics of life.
Should you find my work worthy of editorial interest, I would be glad to provide further elements about me and my music for publishing purposes.

Faust Degada (aka Fausto Crocetta), after classical music studies at the Venice “Conservatoire” and a diploma in the Bassoon , in the early ’80 founded “Degada Saf”, one of the first Italian Electronic-New Wave groups with an original sound defined by music critics “Dadaist” also for the use of a totally invented language. The 1984 saw the release of the LP album “No Inzro” (Rockgarage records) reprinted as CD in 2010 (Mannequin), defined by “Rough Trade Shop” of London “…what’s so astounding about this lost gem is how fully modern it sounds…”
In 1986, few months after the single “Trocadero” with Polygramm and an appearance on Italian TV (R.A.I.), Degada Saf broke up.
…20 years later…
In 2006, Faust Degada returned to the music scene with the same name “Degada Saf” as a duo and in 2009 the album “Without Religions” (IRMA-DiscoDada records) came out.
In 2010, as a soloist, F.D. started a music activity composing music for several artistic events such as “Human Rights? Art from world” for Campana dei Caduti Foundation in Rovereto, music for video-art by Giordano Rizzardi, music for the play “Rita e Graziella by Francesco Scarfone and his music was awarded second place at RomaEuropaFestival.
The project “Lux&Uria” at first started in 2012 for an International Art Exhibition in S.Giorgio a Cremano (Naples-Italy) dedicated to “The seven deadly sins” and, after that, the project keeps on moving with art-music live performances.

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