Expected at the end of August October are a new compilation on Gooiland
Elektro and a new album by German minimal synth duo Solitude FX…

The third Gooiland Elektro compilation is a celebration of the body on
every level… to free the body is to free the mind… and this is the
perfect soundtrack for getting you on the way…  from hi-nrg influenced
synth-pop to new school cold wave and from harsh body beats to trance
indulging spacious elektro…  you are invited to the party but only if
you can say goodbye to prudence… featuring Tobias Bernstrup, Sololust,
Zarkoff & Popsimonova, Lesbian Mouseclicks, Tannhäuser Gate, Popsimonova,
Le Moine and Brusque Twins.

For the artwork we asked Dutch visual artist Hester Scheurwater to deliver
some perfectly fitting photos…

Here you can listen to the Tannhäuser Gate track:

Back in 2007 we released a 10″ mini LP with Solitude FX under the alias of
Solitairen Effekten… featuring only German sung minimal elektro tracks
with a slight hint of NDW… “sfx” is another collection of songs by the
German duo… this time much more new wave orientated… and even more
melancholy as before… but it is not only sadness and solitude these
songs  have to offer… there is also romance and devotion streaming
through them…

The minimal and lo-fi character of the production only serves the songs in
being authenthic and straight from the heart… less is more proves again
to be quite true…

For the artwork Dutch visual artist Hans de Wolf photographed some of his
wood sculptures… which fit amazingly well to the mood and feeling of the

Here you can listen to a full track preview:

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