The wait is over! On 27.2.2015 the anniversary edition of electropop compilation series from conzoom Records will be released. 

In the usual style, varied and fresh conzoom again present 13 new emergent groups and artists on “electropop.10”. At a low price fans of electro sounds can discover wonderful new groups with wonderful and melodic songs in stunning quality on a 70 minute journey. In addition to the normal edition of the CD there will also be a special edition of which features a Promotional-CDr with even some more interesting songs.

Anyone who purchases a electropop.10 Compilation through the labelstore of conzoom Records until  15.01.2015, gets a name entry into the CD booklet!

Be so kind spreading this ordering link through your website, too:

Here is the track listing for electropop.10:

01. Dead Man Recovering – Dignity (Extended Version)

02. Electro Planet – Way To The Planet (Remix by Eduard Reik)

03. Electro Spectre – Your Love Is A Criminal (The Vibe Of Vice Remix)

04. Heliophile – Econocide (Extended Mix)

05. Kartagon – Rescue Me (Kartagon Club Mix)

06. Naommon – Beginning Everyday (Arôme Artificiel’s Mix)

07. Pos.:2 – Only Electropop (Conzoom Edit)

08. Sinestar – Fortunes Faded (Krammix Liberator Remix)

09. The Voice And The Snake – Children Of The Sun (Ricardo Autobahn Extended Edit)

10. Vaylon – Lost (Extended Mix)

11. X-Sonic – Machine Language (128K Extended Ram Remix)

12. Zero-Eq – Discodark (Extended Mix)

13. Zoon Politicon – Mercy 2014 (Extended Version)


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