1. ZYNIC debutalbum features Depeche Mode coverversion
On April 29th 2011 the long awaited first album of electropop act ZYNIC will be released through conzoom Records. “Fire Walk With Me” will be released as a limited edition of 500 copies, only. This edition will feature 4 exclusive bonustracks, remixed by famous artists like Assemblage 23, Iris, People Theatre and Parralox.
ZYNIC wants to carry the spirit of the eighties into tomorrow. Bands like Yazoo, Japan, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and OMD were always a big influence on Zynics way of creating his own tunes. And so there is one special highlight on the cd edition of “Fire Walk With Me”. It is a coverversion of Depeche Mode’s classic hit “Any Second Now”. ZYNIC has covered the song very emotional and with a cool electronic bassline, too – so it might be one of the best Depeche Mode coverversions that were ever done so far.
So get ready for the next dimension of electropop – get ready for the amazing sounds of ZYNIC!
01. Rescue Me
02. Dreams In Black And White
03. Shadow Framed Memories
04. My Personal Kryptonite
05. Mourning Light
06. Soul For Sale
07. Who’s To Blame?
08. Any Second Now
09. Almost Silence *
10. Absurd Lovesong
11. Rescue Me (Iris Remix) *
12. Dreams In Black And White (Assemblage 23 Remix) *
13. Shadow Framed Memories (People Theatre Remix) *
14. My Personal Kryptonite (Parralox Remix) *
* exclusive on CD

The album can be bought at Music Nonstop, A Different Drum or at the conzoom Records Shop!
More information and high resolution graphics of the cover etc. can be found here:

2. “electropop.” turns six!
The sixth part of the famous “electropop.” series will be released on April 29th 2011 and again features 13 tracks from bands that haven’t been on any “electropop.” compilation before. And again fans can discover the magic of great sounds and wonderful melodies – electropop at it’s best! The release again is a must have for every fan of the electronic scene!
01. Bispatial feat. Vista “We Just Got It Wrong (Electropop Mix)”
02. Easily Done “Enlight Me (Extended Version)”
03. Future/Perfect “The Hunter (Mark Rasure Robotham Club Mix)”
04. I Hate This Place “She`s Space Invader (G-Force Mix)”
05. Mooger “Fantasy (Extended Version)”
06. Motus “Sunrise (Extended Edit)”
07. Northern Mars “Shadows (Extended  Mix)”
08. Oblique “A Kind Of Electric Current (Parralox Ancient Remix)”
09. Second Version “X-Ray (Extended Version)”
10. Splendor Projekt “Darkest Days (Extended Version)”
11. Spreading Point “Turning Point (People Theatre’s Curve Mix)”
12. Vanguard “Now That We’re Here (Extended Version)”
13. Vile Electrodes “Proximity (Extended Version)”
alle tracks in unreleased versions

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