Five years, eighty releases and over three hundred tracks… that’s what Justin Winks of Mullet Records has been up to this past half a decade. And in a time when it’s never been more difficult to earn an honest living from the music industry, and in a time where small indie labels have been hung out to dry by the relentless filesharing antics of all the illegal pirate sites out there!

So, we thought catalog number MULLET080 should be saved for a poignant release, a release that in some way reflects the sound of our back catalog, and a release that brings us full circle to the very humble beginnings of Mullet Records.

That 80th release is the debut album from ‘Casio Social Club‘, an album that’s been a working progress since Mr Winks kick-started Mullet Records back in 2008.

Life in 3D‘ is a twist of previously released and brand-spanking new tracks, as ‘Casio Social Club‘ die-hards will already be familiar with the electro-funk fueled ‘Count Your Lucky Stars‘ (the first ever release on Mullet Records), and the opening cut ‘Summer of 83‘, a track that immediately takes you down Justins’ memory lane of personal stereos and BMX bike rides in the scorching Summer of 1983.

But it’s not all about the old, as the new compositions ‘April Showers‘, ‘Blenheim is My Garden‘, ‘Souldboy Acid‘ and title track ‘Life in 3D‘ cover new uncharted CSC territory, whilst never forgetting Justin’s New Wave, Disco and Boogie roots.

Life in 3D‘ is a feel-good concoction of retro beats, basslines, synths, vocoders and scratches, produced by a chap that grew-up completely & utterly obsessed by the sounds of the 80s.

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So it goes something like this. Five Years ago we launched Mullet Records with a track by Casio Social Club called ‘Count Your Lucky Stars‘. The track is loosely based on Madonna’s ’83 hit, ‘Lucky Star‘… in other words, Justin from Casio Social Club replayed some of the infamous ‘Lucky Star‘ synth lines and fused those with (and what would become) the signature Casio Social Club sound. The track goes down a storm and launches both Casio Social Club and Mullet Records.

Recently however, Casio Social Club revisited the track and added an extra special ingredient… yes, Madonna’s original ‘Lucky Star‘ vocal.

So there you have it – the definitive ‘Count Your Lucky Stars‘ version (with a little help from Her Majesty) finally sees the light of day, and is free for all to download.

So go grab a copy whilst it’s still on the Casio Social Club Souncloud page!

Listen / download here!

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