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Mass for integrated techniques, op.64. The original composition “Missa Armata” (1999) by Vladimír Hirsch was later reworked into the first Aghiatrias album, named Field Mass (2000). It was completely revisited and renamed as “Cryptosynaxis” (hidden worship in ancient Greek). The composition is based on standard structure of liturgical elements. The music demonstrates a highly structured industrial sound  unified with classical instrumentation. It expresses a battle that is eventually disrupted by violent scream convincing enough to end the turmoil and for the both sides to take a part in holy Mass together. The Mass becomes the moment of realization, gradually eventuating in humility and sign of peace. In 2009 was album modified into a more cohesive work for audiovisual perfomance. The synchronized videomontage narrates between the holy and profane, fight and darkness, order and chaos.

Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch – electronic keyboards, synthesizers, digital technique, mix. Participation: Tom Saivon – additional sounds, lyrics, Timothy Simmons – spoken word. Video artist: Marianna O – montage DVD production by Tomáš Zima.

Tracks: 1. Eísodos, 2. Kýrios, 3. Empistosýni, 4. Dóxa, 5. Prólogos, 6. Ágios, 7. Entheí Arní.

Total time: 45 min.

Released by Integrated Music Records (ARM 015 / Catch 042c) – Limited edition

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