The first CD by A New Life is finally available.
It contains two digital singles I did for Romance Moderne, the tape I did for Other Voices and four new ones for a total of 17 tracks!
As you can see it has a beautiful A5 silver metal cover, a professionally printed CD and a pin.
It can be yours for 10€ (EUROPE) and 13€ (REST OF THE WORLD)
Just drop me a message at the contact page of www.noisebrigad.net with your e-mail and I’ll make a paypal payment request.

From “Satori”
01 a new life
02 smile again

From “Phase two”
03 grand opening
04 in these troubled times I won’t dig my own grave

From “Fright Treasures”
05 end of a barrel
06 split in two
07 new beginnings
08 sentimental
09 another story
10 experiment in fear
11 keep on losing
12 divide et impera
13 time to go

14 bleakest needs
15 garage sale
16 safest place
17 black lagoon




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