Well, this year is about to come to an end!  2011 is fast approaching!

But before 2010 is gone, I’m throwing one more CD out there for your listening displeasure!  Hehe 🙂

Saudade “Restricted” $6 — This is another collection of songs written and produced by myself, meaning that the content is somewhat questionable.  When I make music, it isn’t because I’m a great performer, but I use it as a tool to express the different emotions and talk about the situations I’m going through, hopefully in interesting ways.  Of course, I record in the style that suits me at the moment, usually with plenty of 80’s influences, since that’s where my music roots are firmly planted.  My songs have also been a background for silly, no-budget videos that my son, Dylan, and I make together.  It’s something we do every once in a while, usually shooting, editing, and posting to Youtube in a matter of a few hours, start to finish.   It is a fun way to spend an afternoon with my son and usually a bunch of friends.   Anyway, to finish off the year, I now have a few of the “Restricted” CD’s for those who are daring enough to subject themselves to a new collection of songs.  The songs fit roughly into a concept about struggling to find a place in the world when your career or your plans fall apart.  The music video for “Thunder” works as a nice introduction to that concept, so go ahead and shoot away a few of the last minutes of your year watching, and maybe even ordering a CD here :


And, should you REALLY be sonically masochistic, pick up two albums for only $8 right here :


Yes, there’s more from the Saudade project, but I’ll save that for later in 2011.

Oh, and if you do not speak Portuguese and wonder what the word “Saudade” means…there is no direct translation in English. It is a noun that means the feelings you get when you miss something…or possibly a longing for something, someone, sometime, etc.  You can have “saudades” for your past experiences, or somewhere you used to live, or people you used to know.  Etc.

Have a wonderful 2011!  Again, I thank you for helping A Different Drum to survive one more year!  Each one is a true victory!