Hello, this is Todd from A Different Drum.  I’m sorry that I’ve been silent the last couple of weeks.  I’ve had a lot going on with other jobs and aspects of life, but I’m trying to keep things interesting here at A Different Drum too, the job I love 🙂

Here are some new releases that have rolled in, and more are on the way, a little at a time.  I hope you find something to your liking 🙂


Mesh “An Alternative Solution” (limited edition 2CD) $18 — Featuring an abundance of remixes of songs from the band’s last album, this limited edition will make fans happy, because more Mesh is always a good thing, right?   Check out the track list and order the limited edition 2CD here :

Rational Youth “Dancing On the Berlin Wall” (MCD) $10 — Another classic old-school synthpop band is back, re-issuing the song “Dancing on the Berlin Wall” in both English and German versions with new remixes as well.  The single includes the original 1982 version plus new extended mixes.   You can see the track list and listen to one of the versions through the video, and order the CD here :

Level 2.0 “Battle Sight Zero” $14 — This hard-hitting futurepop / industrial dance band is back with another high-energy album.  The vocals are presented with an edge and the stabbing synth sounds and pounding beats will keep you moving.  You can listen to a song from the album and order the CD here :

Cold in May “Gone Away With the Memories” $18 — This Russian import CD is a nice find for fans of dark synthpop and darkwave music.  The production is solid and the vocals go from breathy and sinister to clean and melodic.  You can watch a couple of videos for songs from the album and order the CD here :

Various Artists “Blank and Jones Presents So80s / So Eighties / Volume 4” (3CD) $30 — This fourth set in the series is every bit as good as the others, kicking off with a disc of non-stop mix from Blank and Jones and then the original long versions of many classic 80’s tracks from the big names to the one-hit-wonders.  See the complete track list and order the 3CD set here :

I have also updated the synthpop radio with a couple new songs from the above releases.  You can always listen to the stream here :

Thanks for your support!

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