Thursday, August 6, 2020

William Jourdain aka Automatisme

Automatisme is the brainchild of Quebec-based producer William Jourdain, who keeps on producing awesome electronic music stuff since 2011. We managed to send him some questions related to his recent output Alter- (released by Mille Plateaux last spring), between the moment when this album inspired by Nicolas...

Cat Hall / Dissonance

Many years ago, I lived in Lubbock, Texas during the languishing mid-1990s electronic music scene.  Then a weary and confused underground music scene populated by high fashion that waits for no one. David Sebrind, a friend that I admired as a cohort in a rapidly evolving and highly fashionable Dallas club culture...

Boris Hauf

Recently released on his own label Shameless Productions, CLARK2 is the "longest, deeper and more epic" sequel of CLARK (released in 2005). Besides the hypotheses and the precise analysis by our collaborator Stuart Bruce, which have been reprised by Boris on his website, we decided to have...

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Darkwave Act THRILLSVILLE Reveals Life On “Lockdown” With New Video

Los Angeles darkwave rock artist THRILLSVILLE has unveiled the video for "Lockdown" addressing the Covid-19 pandemic. "Lockdown" made its premiere on ReGen Magazine. Lyrics...

The Danse Society 7th album “Sailing Mirrors” now available to pre-order

CELEBRATING 40 YEARS! Our 7th studio album SAILING MIRRORS is now available to PRE-ORDER.

Signal~Bruit new album “Hyperborēe” out now

After first album Planisphère(s), Signal~Bruit is back with "Hyperborēe".Drawing inspiration from the journey of Pytheas, a Greek sailor from the 4th...

Darkwave Band STYKFAKTOR Reveals New Single, “Distance” – An Emotional Struggle With Social Distancing

St. Louis-based darkwave act STYKFAKTOR has announced the release of their new single & video, "Distance." "Distance" is a song written in the context...

Darkwave Artist DISSONANCE Announces New Maxi-Single “Precipice;” A Lament Of Personal Struggle

Darkwave artist Cat Hall (aka DISSONANCE) proudly reveals the new single & visualizer clip for "Precipice." Says Cat Hall regarding the struggle that...

Blooding Mask returns

2020 is the year Blooding Mask returns.28 years later, Just before releasing the 5th album, Blooding Mask...






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