Thursday, August 13, 2020

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Artist: Ligne d'hiver / Saison Froide
Title: Ligne Froide
Format: 7"
Label: Brouillard Dfinitif (@)
Rated: *****
The guys at Brouillard Définitif keep on digging among the tapes and recordings of France's best kept secrets. "Ligne Froide" is the new 7" split and gathers two tracks by Ligne D'Hiver on one side and two tracks by Saison Froide on the other. Ligne D'Hiver was an almost mythical entity hailing from Rennes - possibly the best French band you've never heard of! Their style is an astounding balance of cold and minimal synth lines and Loic's singing/lamentation that seems to burst into tears in both the studio and the live track. Those tracks were recorded in the mid-eighties and "Tired" was published on the rare compilation tape "LES SST ENVIE VOL.1" (1986 - Psychédélires records). Brouillard Définitif will also publish a cd collection with unreleased tracks by this mysterious band, so stay tuned. On the other side we have Saison Froide, the solo project of Flav (a member of Paris Violence). This is his first official output in eight years of life - classic coldwave sounds heavily influenced by the classics of the genre. The split 7" is cut to 33 rpm and comes with a withered leaf in a plastic bag. Another staggering release from Brouillard Définitif.


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