Friday, August 7, 2020
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Atomica: Metropolitan

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Artist: Atomica
Title: Metropolitan
Format: CD
Label: Positron Records (@)
Rated: *****
Chicago-based New York City-originating eccentric project Atomica will trigger memories of the best record of urban downtempo, orchestral trip hop and female-fronted pop-electronica that the nineties have given us. The trio's bold and nonchalant approach to the matter evokes rapturing scenarios of fresh yet nostalgic tunes enriched by intense and passionate vocals and visionary lyricism. Portishead, Conjure One (these two above everyone else), Lamb, Bethany Curve, Taxi, Drop the Fear, Rebro and other bands of that type jump to mind immediately, but their music is so un-derivative and eclectic that I am sure you'll be thinking of loads more names that would complement that sentence quite nicely. Atomica have a lot of potential. Emotional and truth-transpiring lyrics, skilled and well-rounded song-writing, powerul and full sound... maybe the only thing they miss to make it big time is a couple of catchy hooks that I'll remember and be singing after listening to "Metropolitan" a couple of times. Atomica is definitely a band that I'd say is worth checking out.


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