Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Grendel: End Of Ages

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Artist: Grendel
Title: End Of Ages
Format: CD EP
Grendel is a promising band from Holland that has matured a lot with this disc. Harsh sounds and catchy melodies can be discovered in the eight tracks on this EP. Besides the original of End Of Ages, there are two other versions by God Module and Pfusch Japscat. Further more you will also find a remix of Corroding Conscience by Feindflug. The lyrics of End Of Ages revolve around treating or already urgent catastrophes and dangers of mankind. This is another highly interesting band for the future. They keep surprising the listener with new ideas. The music sounds very easy but it is danceable and catchy as hell.

SIMULATOR: Enter The Unknown

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Artist: SIMULATOR (@)
Title: Enter The Unknown
Format: CD
Label: Cohaagen (@)
Is three years that Ross W. Beall creates is own music so it was time for him to reach the "maturity" of the first album release. ENTER THE UNKNOWN is a particular release, mainly because for the peculiarity of the project (Ross creates instrumental dark synthpop tracks)and also because the emotions his music made me feel. As a composer he has got many influences: 80's synthpop (if you listen to the only two sung tracks "Divided" and "The Ghost Of You" they'll make you remember Depeche Mode of the "Speak And Spell" era), ebm and late 70's early 80's electronic music. Sometimes his tracks made me recall Jean Michel Jarre's music but with a darker vein. You know releasing an instrumental album based on melody and electronic sounds isn't that simple and the risk is to annoy the audience. Fortunately this isn't the case! As bonus tracks you can find the sung versions of "Revelation" and "Regression" (the first one with Frank J. Freda of Brand New Idol as guest vocals as for the previous ones and the second one has got Rachel Cicci on vocals and has been produced by George and Rachel Cicci of Evaluna) Last note: just to underline the value of Simulator's music please note that both the instrumental and vocal version of the tracks are catchy and are complete on their own, you won't feel something missing even if "it's just" instrumental music... Got it? ;)


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Title: Soul Rift
Format: CD
Label: Apirihc
After three years the release of his second album "Stitches" Hijinio Reinoso Jr. is back with his personal project: Masochist Halo. Anticipated by the single "Diamond" (which contains four versions of that song) the album SOUL RIFT refine what was left with the previous album. Being a personal project Masochist Halo always incarnated his personal views and humors and tracks like "Lies Despies Lies" (an excerpt of the lyrics say: "I hate you because you're a fucking bitch. You make all the angels crawl, You make all the angels fall...") or "Don't Mix Too Fine" mix rage with melody and electronic arrangements. The distorted guitars, Hijinio's vivid vocals and the dark synthpop atmospheres make of this SOUL RIFT his best record. Also ballads like "Synthesize My Love" with Hillary Bernstein's vocals and "Backlash" are sweet and bitter at the same time and show Masochist Halo's multi faceted personality. If you're searching for something intense and real give a try to this CD.


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Title: Pop Robot
Format: CD
Label: Ninthwave Records (@)
Geez, I don't know, it's almost embarassing but I don't really know what to do about it but the fact is that I love every CD Ninthwave release! This time I'm talking about an Irish band called Empire State Human and about their CD titled POP ROBOT. This isn't properly their new album because Ninthwave released an extended version of it which has been previously released in 2000 by People Sound. This extended version has got seven extra tracks coming from the first band's album titled "Martian Anthems". Even if the name comes from an Human League song the band's influences goes from the Kraftwerk to the english 80's electro pop passing through an unique process: originality. The band is capable to combine robotic sounds with catchy vocals using also tiny moments of ambient arrangements. Even if almost all the tracks are mid tempos and some are ballads the CD is very energetic and believe me, if you dig synthpop this is your CD, so...act now!

NO COMMENT: It's Not Too Late

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Artist: NO COMMENT (@)
Title: It's Not Too Late
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Nano Pop (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Coming from the double CD titled "Best Of No Comment 1992-2004", "It's Not Too Late" is a enjoyable electronic pop track as well the other four are ("Polygon", "Random Love - tabloid remix", "Fight - remix 2002" and "2nd Class Man"), along with the other two remixed versions of the main title. I don't dig Franziska's voice that much but it's functional for the tracks. The single is released for the benefit of the charity organisation "Children from Chernobyl Help e.V." and is produced with José Alvarez-Brill. The compilation will be released the 22th of April and will allows free downloads of additional tracks for the buyer. If you love the German chart's electro pop try them.


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