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MOON ROCK: Eclipse Of The Mood

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Artist: MOON ROCK (@)
Title: Eclipse Of The Mood
Format: CD
Label: Lunar Entertainment
After their debut "Power To People" Moon Rock are back with their ECLIPSE OF THE MOOD. With this one the duo refined their sound and song writing bringing us fresh tunes like the opening "The Deed Is Done" or the two remixed by B! Machine ("See A Lot" and "Everybody Everywhere"). This new album is a good one and the ten songs are catchy enough to gather more fans from the altenative scene because songs like "Time To Play" and "I Think It's Over" remember a little New Order of the "Republic" era (I didn't like too much their newest one I prefer thousand times the last album) and Pet Shop Boys. Only a little more production and their could really get more attention. The peculiarity of this album is that only four tracks out of ten are sung by one of the Hoboken duo, the other ones see as guest vocalists Jemma, Damian "Plague" Hrunka and Dave Baggot. Never boring, catchy and worth the listening...what do you want more to get your copy of newest Moon Rock? P.s. Unfortunately their website isn't updated and it's really poor and you won't find any information about this CD. Write them and help spread the word.

Artist: Beborn Beton (@)
Title: Tales From Another World (Best Of Beborn Beton)
Format: CD
Label: WTII Records (@)

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This is actually a review based on the demo copy I received from WTII Records and not the full release. The demo has 7 tracks on it which are tracks 06, 01, 02, & 03 from Disc 1 and 05, 03, & 12 from Disc 2 in that order. I had not had the chance to hear Beborn Beton before but the name had passed by me once before last year sometime and I was very excited to finally get the chance to hear what the rave was about.
The first track "Life Is A Distance" begins with a slightly Voltaire like combination of strings and electronics but is very very smooth. The vocals are also very well performed and overall while this could be a darkpop song it is very catchy. However, the very next track "Another World" has become an instant all-time favorite of mine. This song has a very strong and very well produced Synthpop feel but with a darker edge to it. It's a very danceable track and the lyrics are nothing short of haunting and ring like the words of someone who has 'crossed over'. The lyrics begin something like: "There is no use in dying when still I seem to be undone. There is no use in trying to find again the love of someone. Why have I gone and come so far when I've been headed nowhere. I have been walking quite a while love, feeling lonesome." The chorus continues: "Don't you worry, they won't find my body. I want you to know I found peace in another world. Don't keep digging, I want you to leave back away from the place where my ashes are buried." And all of this set to dance music! Anyway, it reminded me of circumstances like that portrayed in the story of James Van Praagh which aired on TV awhile back in which he communicate with spirits. I've always found topics like this and movies like The Sixth Sense very interesting and putting a piece so nicely produced to great dance music with a bit of Synthpop and maybe even EBM influence is really great.
Every song on this little demo is simply awesome. "The Colour of Love" is like a more modernized version of New Wave with a harder edge to it but with all the European smoothness of Modern English. "Poison 2002" is more EBM influenced but with a solid song structure. I just can't get over this guy's voice not to mention the music. "Im Innern einer Frau" utilizes a more techno-ebm combination and it's all in German and I can't quite catch all of it as my German is 'nicht so gut' but the title roughly translates as "In the inside of a woman". There is also a synth effect they use on one of the backing vocals which is sort of buglike in the sense of the bugs in Nightmare Before Christmas when Oogie Boogie gets unravelled. There is a very cool remix of "Another World" by Apoptygma Berzerk which I think surpasses much of their own work. It's more dance/club oriented and less EBM but they created a harmony to the chorus track using effects on the vocals which is pretty amazing sounding and adds an interesting touch to the track. Lastly, there is "Peach" remixed by Cut Rate Box. This is a very dark sounding track but not without the strength of technology which all of Beborn Beton's work seems to have.
I think I found a new favorite! I can't wait to hear the full release of this album as well as more of Beborn Beton. If you are a fan of either Synthpop, EBM, or just good dance music this is an absolute MUST. I've had this demo for quite a long time now, about a month and half I think, debating whether I should write a review on this fragment of the release or not. It has barely left my CD player since. This fact alone has convinced me that I had to write this review because people simply NEED to know about Beborn Beton's music.

Psyche: Endangered Species

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Artist: Psyche (@)
Title: Endangered Species
Format: CD
Label: ArtOfFact Records (@)

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This is a club heavy collection of Psyche tracks and remixes including a remix of "Goodbye Horses". The first track on this release to grab my attention is "Memento" which starts out with a Depeche Mode like bass grind. It's got a nice groove to it and a dark synthpop feel to it combined with the smooth vocal harmonies Psyche are known for. The mix of "The Hiding Place" on this disc is doen by Massiv In Mensch with the influence of the bouncey dance beats with heavy technology and slight trance feel like their latest album Die Rein. This is a very nice track indeed as it features two of ArtOfFact Records top bands coming together. The first mix of Renegades sounds like a live mix (or at least it has lots of crowd noise on the intro). It's begins with piano but quickly moves into a thumping deep dub rhythm.
The track I found most interesting is the Tokyo Club Mix of "Goodbye Horses" as the original had some interesting melodies but this club mix takes the song to a completely new level. There's just something about the beat of that single that screams gay disco but I love it anyway.
Dropping the pace quite a bit and modifying the overall tone and structure the song "Eleven" reminds me of Art of Noise when ambient. That's the only way I know how to explain it. It has that same pipe-like sound combined with ambient piano and environmental textures. A beautiful piece! This is probably my next favorite next to "Goodbye Horses" though they change the entire song about midway through as it evolves into a much more upbeat rhythm and percussion thing with a choral sound added in then replaced by a nearly standard techno drive. This is a very intersting mix of styles and textures and completely unexpected. I like surprises (5 points guys).
The original version of "Damaged Soul" I think is clear enough and outshines the mixes. Lastly, I don't know what that synth effect is on "Prisoner To Desire" but I love it. The vocals at the beginning sound so 1980's though. Of course it was done in 1987 but included here anyway so I guess it's forgiven as it is still interesting if not a bit confusing.

Chaos Engine: Escape Ferocity

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Artist: Chaos Engine
Title: Escape Ferocity
Format: CD
The first thing you notice when you get the album is that there are 23 tracks on this disc. While listening you discover that a lot of them are little pieces between the songs (14 are the actual songs). The Chaos Engine is and UK based industrial rock band that plays their music in a way Pop Will Eat Itself would do these days. Still, it takes some time to get used to the vocals. The addition of a second guitarist to the bands line-up introduces the first guitar solo on a Chaos Engine album ever. Songs I would like to recommend are Me & My Army, Jesus Christ V2.0 Custom Built For Anger, Go Offline and the opening and title track Escape Ferocity.

Grendel: End Of Ages

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Artist: Grendel
Title: End Of Ages
Format: CD EP
Grendel is a promising band from Holland that has matured a lot with this disc. Harsh sounds and catchy melodies can be discovered in the eight tracks on this EP. Besides the original of End Of Ages, there are two other versions by God Module and Pfusch Japscat. Further more you will also find a remix of Corroding Conscience by Feindflug. The lyrics of End Of Ages revolve around treating or already urgent catastrophes and dangers of mankind. This is another highly interesting band for the future. They keep surprising the listener with new ideas. The music sounds very easy but it is danceable and catchy as hell.


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