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Artist: Appogee (@)
Title: Unconscious Ruckus
Format: CD
Label: Kanpai records (@)
Rated: *****
I am excited as I start reviewing a bunch of CDs from this new label out in Los Angeles called Kanpai. They've been releasing some really dope shit lately, I must say, and the first one I picked out of the batch is Appogee's debut CD "Unconscious Ruckus". These dudes are based in LA and have been growing alongside Dntel (The Postal Service), Planktonman (Nortec Collective) and The Mutaytor, altough I must say they don't seem to lack anything in their approach. You can't really tell it's newcomers, they sound like they've been around for a decade. Their sound is pointy, full, well-produced, well-arranged, sophisticated sonic artifacts. No messing around, they know what they are doing, that's for sure. They shoot for the drumn'n'bass formula mainly, but let themselves be carried away with implants of electronica, industrial, rhythm-noise, rock and some ambient/idm. Particularly interesting is the use of acoustic guitars and vocals on some tracks, which definitely makes them stand out of the crowd for originality. Where else can you hear a fast-paced d'n'b beat pumping while buried underneath a Radiohead-ish ballad with an acoustic guitar, or a Beatles-like pop tune with an Autechre/Aphex Twin-like beat, or Lycia-like lush electric guitars with vaguely flamenco-sounding nylon guitars that try to keep up with a cut-up and frenzy beat. Most definitely an awesome sounding record! Well done indeed!

BETA: Reflections in Darkness

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Artist: BETA (@)
Title: Reflections in Darkness
Format: CD
Label: BLC Productions (@)
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
BETA is a one-man project hailing from Anaheim, CA, consisting of Ian Velasquez and he presents us here his first official CD out on BLC Productions. We have here an album full of hard and almost danceable Dark Techno/Electro music but surprisingly without any vocals. I personally expected that this would be the biggest flaw at all, to release a 78:00 min long intrumental album, but my judgement was wrong. Really true, this is Dark Electro full of refreshing ideas, innovative programming and a huge amount of uncountable noises, effects and samples. This is somewhat innovative and I haven't heard this before for a long time. If I should give you a hint how it sounds, I would take DISMANTLED combined with later NOISE UNIT for a comparison. Outstanding tracks can be rich found here, "Heretic", "Vengeance" or "Splintered" will give you enough food to set fire on the dancefloors, while tracks like "Absolution", "Fait Accompli" and "Escape" are slower and designed for your mind. Adding to this ten original tracks four remix works by well known bands like SCHATTENSCHLAG, AGONOIZE, IMPLANT and SKOYZ. Another outstanding point is the excellent graphically manipulation done by no one else than Wilhelm Steiner, the Deaddreamer ( This is a marvelous release which should be purchased immediately.

VV.AA.: InterBreeding II Industrial Mutation

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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: InterBreeding II Industrial Mutation
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: BLC Productions (@)
Distributor: Metropolis
Rated: *****
When BLC goes encore it goes encore for real: what I mean by that is that the second volume of their "Interbreeding II Industrial Mutation" is actually a double CD as well, so if EBM is what your doctor ordered you to get you in shape, here's your chance to get your fix!
Kubikzahl, Generated X-ed, Jerico One feat. Marc Heal, Hocico, The Pain Machinery, Implant, Things Outside The Skin, Injury (with a Pulse Legion Remix), Beta, Soul Circuit, The God Project, ESR, Diverje, Dioxyde, Type001, Xiphoid Process, Stark,
Void Kampf, Skoyz, Tactical Sekt, Agonoize, Angel Theory, Run Level Zero, The Thessalonian Dope Gods, Centyl, Severe Illusion, The Pain Machinery, More Machine than Man (remix by Syrian), Croc Shop, Infekktion, Thirteenth Exile, Liquefaction: quite impressive list, right? More reason to be impressed is that most tracks are brand new previously unreleased songs or exclusive compositions or versions or remixes or demo tracks etc...
Cover art work by graphic illustrator Wilhelm "Deaddreamer" Steiner.

BLANK: Overhead

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Artist: BLANK (@)
Title: Overhead
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Art Of Fact (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
After being interviewed on these pages some time ago (a couple of years, maybe), Blank recently found a record deal with Art Of Fact and now they are ready to rock the e.b.m. dancefloors. "Overhead" is their first official release and contains four different versions of the main title ("Extended Dance Mix", "Implant Mix", "Moonitor Mix" and "Tim Schuldt Mix") plus another track "Event Horizon". The style of the band on this release remind me of early In Strict Confidence or Covenant. The remixes are true to the original version but adding to it a touch of techno ambient sounds (like on the "Moonitor Mix") or a guitar boost (on the "Tim Schuldt Mix") just to make of it something near KFMDM latest tunes. The album "Artificial Breathing" has been just released and it will give a better vision of Blank's music. For the moment this is a good starting point...

Artist: CYCLOTIMIA (@)
Title: Trivial Pleasures
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Monopoly Records (@)
Distributor: Stateart
Second release for this new label coming from Russia, TRIVIAL PLEASURES is the new Cyclotimia'a release. Known for their previous works released mainly by Stateart, the band composed their most experimental release which is the first of three that will form "L'Electronique Mondial" trilogy. During the twenty five minutes of the MCD the band presents eleven new alienating tracks. The extreme and twisting digital sounds form a sort of delirium which seems to underline the sense of the title tracks. All the titles take their inspiration from the Nasdaq stock market and inside the booklet there are two excerpts of texts that state our actual condition of modern alienation where the stock market is the evil mother of thousands of deranged souls and where the VeryChip, implanted under our skin, will replace our concept of identity. At this point you'll ask yourselves: is this music sounding like alien sounds or are we alienating ourselves to serve an higher hidden power? Cyclotimia doens't have the answer but they have the sound and this should be enough...


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