Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Artist: HOM
Title: A$X
Format: 12"
Label: Isounderscore (@)
Rated: *****
HOM is the solo occult techno project of Ashley P. Svn from Seattle, Washinton and a debut release under this name as far as I can tell. Svn has released and performed as a part of Olympian psydust group Thee Source as well as the UV Acid project across the Bay Area and Pacific Northwest over the years. 'A$X' clocks in at 27:30 total time in just three tracks - "Xanoptor," "Xeremonial," and "XYN." All three tracks explore a different trancey groove carried throughout each piece with subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) synth and rhythm variations. The grooves are okay, with "Xanoptor" possibly being the best, although the variations are more subtle than on the other two tracks. Although I have a great love of electronic music, I'm not a big techno guy as I've found it to be one of the less interesting electronic music genres. Still, HOM manages to maintain some level of fascination in each of the three pieces, albeit to varying degrees. Described on the one-sheet as "Pure live unapologetic psychic schism West Coast hardware acid," that might give technoheads all the justification they need to purchase this 12". The fact that it's on vinyl and limited to 250 copies might be some additional incentive. You can get it directly from San Francisco-based label Isounderscore.


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