Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: Prangman
Title: Chamber EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Migration
Rated: *****
I wouldn't say this output by Prangman (real name Dan Meldrum), recently out on NexGen Music sub-label Migration, is a stroke of genius, but its way of melting apparently listenable influences is funny at least. Musically grown in his father's pub in Newcastle upon Tyne, where he used to entertain hosts by djing, you can easily guess the tastes of this guy were orbiting around the grand Uk garage style, that he seems to reprise in this EP. The mellow electronic tubular organ sonorities, inserted after the opening percussive stapling, before the smoothly alluring vocals by Lindsay Murray and over its rising hypnotical refrain, in "Far Away (Haarlem)", are the first clue of such a liking. Similarly the interbreeding of thuds and claps and the bouncing repetition of a male voice inviting to 'get up' could be a cliche of Uk garage sound, but Prangman revamped it by slightly distorted electronic drum buzzing noise in the following "Sonics". My favourite moment of this release is "Kremlin", a tune where those garage influences collide up against a catchy mid-tempo break and some sci-fi synth-driven stabs (bizarrely the moment when Prangman adds a spacey echo to them at the end of the tracks reminded a some relatively electro-break old tune by Phil 'Schizoid Man' Holmberg's forgotten project Schematix), a collision that gets more and more colloidal by means of some nice percussive tricks, that got reprised in the final track "Chamber".


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