Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Device: Pussy

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Artist: Device
Title: Pussy
Format: CD EP
Label: RES FREq (@)
Another fine release by this new NYC outlet is represented by the first in a series of three CD EPs by Device, D'Vis. This first CD features three tracks that explore the more beat-focused side of ambient electronica, with edgy and resonant sounds, Aphex Twin-like dreamy waveforms, British lounge/techno type bass lines, hi hat patterns, samples of phone messages from ex girlfriends (oops, I guess I am not the only one who did that in a song ;-), layers of synth pads, melodic synth-pop keyboard lines and more rhtyhmical structures of different types. What I haven't mentioned in my other review of RES FREq material, is that we finally are in the presence of a label that has a fair pricing policy of their CDs. This one for example you can get for just 3 bucks, ain't that something?


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