Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Artist: Jorome Noetinger & Lionel Marchetti
Title: Mort Aux Vaches
Format: CD
Label: Staalplaat (@)
Distributor: Staalplaat (NL), Soleilmoon (US), Demos (It), These Records (UK), Target (De) and more...
1966-class Joerome Noetinger (member of Cellule d'Intervention Metamkine, Mimeo and founder of Metamkine label and mailorder) and one year younger Lionel Marchetti (musique concrete composer and improviser for a number of different labels, including Noetinger's Metamkine) have been working together since 1993 as a duo or with other musicians. This CD (for the Mort Aux Vaches series) is what they call «absolute permanent anything», or improvisation with electro-acoustical sources and devices made of pieces and trifles without an external PA. This whole record is totally improvised and is living around low thin cutting ultra high pitched sounds, sporadic weird and wild noises and other almost inaudible things... The spectrum (rather amplitude-wise than frequency-wise) of this record is wide but its majority is low in volume so you tend to pump up the volume until you get scared by some piercing loud screaming larsen... Even though it seems to be overall fairly compressed, ifyou don't have good ears don't even bother with this 'cause there is stuff around 15kHz that you probably won't even hear if you've been listening to loud rock'n'roll during your younger age... ;-)


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