Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Artist: Akira Kosemura
Title: Trio
Format: CD
Label: Schole (@)
Rated: *****
The third release of Schole's Concert Single Series is a lovely assay of a live performance that appreciated Japanese pianist Akira Kosemura held at Lutherian Ichigaya Church concomitantly with the release of original soundtrack for the film "Embers (Saigo no Inochi)" by Junpei Matsumoto, which was recently released by Akira's own imprint. This oung brilliant composer re-arranged some old and new tracks from his own repertoire that he performed together with Mika Shirasawa (violin), who co-signed a "duo" he recorded with Akira at Shinjuku Bunka Center and Okurayama Memorial for the same series, and Maiko Sato (cello). Gracefulness and harmonic splendour gently thrive over the delightful 22 minutes of this tidbit, which immediately set the mood on the opening "Precious", where Mika's violin plays an important balancing role, shows some similarities with some contemporary piano "minimalists" such as Einaudi on the beautiful "Larmes" and features catchy moments of lyrical musings on "Fragile" and "Imagery" by means of brilliant vibrato on strings and charming piano melodies. Pretty musical trinket, which sometimes sounds coming from a Victorian romance novel.


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