Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Artist: Tomas Korber (@)
Title: Musik für ein Feld
Format: CD
Label: Cubus (@)
Rated: *****
The field that could came to your mind while listening the first nine of nine movements of this amazing suite that Swiss composer and improvisational performer Tomas Korber wrote and performed with Konus Quartett, a fourtet of saxophones by Christian Kobi (tenor and soprano saxophone), Fabio Oehrli (soprano saxophone), Jonas Tschanz (alto and soprano saxophone), Stefan Rolli (baritone saxophone), whose tonal breath got wisely processed by Korber himseld, is the one of sci-fi movies like Alien, where the last survivor of a flight crew finally understands there could be some technical problems by low levels of oxygen in the loungy disco-like cabin and chances upon of corpses of his/her collegues before meeting some alien monster, which miraculously grew from leftovers of overbaked lasagna whose stuffing includes beans from outer space. Jokes aside, the one track suite with many altenrations of sounds (it's not so easy to distinguish wind instruments and processed parts and background noise as Korber sometimes turns the tails of tonal frequencies from Konus Quartett into pure sinewaves and viceversa) by these guys is really amazing and their invitation to test "Musik fur ein Feld" in different ways (different rooms and/or palyback systems with different levels and types of background noise) could result into surprising listening experiences where sonic entities like those saxophone-driven geysers which seem to gather paper around 20 minutes, the metallic puckering between minutes 43 and 44, the progressive saturations of single breath in many moments of the recording, the deforming overlapping with background noise and so on could trick and daze your mind.


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