Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: BMRN (@)
Title: Immersion / Drift / Accretion / Shift
Format: CD
Label: Eilean (@)
Rated: *****
The 63rd point on the map of Mathias Van Eecloo aka Monolyth&Cobalt's Eilean Records comes from Exeter, one of the main towns of the enchanting Devon, where Greig Baird aka BMRN/Boomruin lives together with his family, which seems to be one of his favourite sources of inspiration for his beautiful sonic artifacts in addition to his homeland which provides some field recordings tat features this release. I could guess that this new point of Eilean's map is closer or maybe within Scotland - a connection with that enchanting area of out planet got evoked by the mane of the French label after all -, homeland of Boards of Canada, the closest stylistical neighbours of bmrn as you immediately guess not only for the opening track which quotes a notorious Scottish Gaelic salutation (Failte Dhachaidh, meaning Welcome Home), but mainly from the sonci similarities you can easily notice here and there over this enjoyable listening experience: the blossoming sounds of the above-mentioned "Intro", the entrancing pad-synth which floods the sonic sphere before the appearance of a soothing electronic drum pattern on the following "Family & Drum Machines", the reversed speech on a virginal sound and the scraped metallic slow break whose intermittence got mirrored by a bright electronic pulse on the arcane "A Natural History" or the ethereal "Low Light Span" could surmise BOC's music, but Greig's balanced dosages of breakbeat and ambient are also closer to some stuff from Boltfish, the label by Murray Fisher aka Mint and Wil Bolton aka CHEjU, even if Baird's music sounds like permanently shrouded by an emphasized mystical halo. I think I'll include this release in a selection of music for my umpteenth car trip in Scottish Highlands or maybe Devonshire/Cornwall, some places I like to come back which got somehow evoked by BMRN's sounds.


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