Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Artist: Roger Rotor
Title: Mort Aux Vaches
Format: CD
Label: Staalplaat (@)
Distributor: Soleilmoon (US), Demos (It), These Records (UK), Target (De) and more...
This review is part of a bunch of reviews of older material that we haven't had time to review before but which is still available at the label's mailorder. We apologize for the inconvenience.
The usual sleeve that accompanies every dutch VPro release (this time all red!) also carries the music from the Swiss artist Roger Rotor (formerly Roger a/b, Rotor Syndrome, Maggot Bile, Myiase as well as grind/death metal bands back in the eighties). His music is live, warm, dynamic and modern, even though he rather looks up to older inspirators such as pioneers Kraftwerk or Suicide etc. His minimal techno-logic-hypnotic constantly morphing real-time performances are a trip that you have to make if you hear he's playing in town, especially 'cause every performance is unique (real-time analog synth modulation) and unrepeatable (as a matter of fact most of his records are live recordings). Take a breath of fresh air from sample-based music and dive into a no-sampling project to discover how intriguing and powerful it can stay!