Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Artist: Dose (@)
Title: Mind The Future
Format: 12"
Label: Commercial Suicide (@)
Rated: *****
One of the best dnb rocket of the year got launched from Klute's Commercial Suicide by New Zealander (he relocated in Auckland after his native Christchurch got ravaged by earthquake) bad boy Chris Turman aka Dose, who (finally!) signs his first album after he built a strong reputation by means of a lot of energizing tunes on top labels such as Shogun Audio, Ram, Commercial Suicide and Renegade Hardware. "Mind The Future" is just his first album and I'm pretty sure it can be yoo-hooed as a chef-d'oeuvre: the opening track, the sinewy "Haphazard" with its breathtaking acceleration and its captivating stringy sonorities, as well as other moments of the album such as the following jouncy "Like This", the grim "neuro-tekish" atmosphere on "Once Again", the eerily foreboding of "No Turning Back", where his fellow citizen Nick "Teknik" Driver and Jabz MC (the voice of the well-known hit "Darkman" by State Of Mind) clawed the tune, and the virulent title-track "Midn The Future" could vaguely recall a possible stylistical crossbreed between other notorious Kiwi producers like The Upbeats and sonorities a-la-Black Sun Empire or the doom-laden atmospheres of some stuff (particularly "Travel The Galaxy") by Ed Rush and Optical, but the remarkable versatility by Dose resurfaces with its flatly diaphanous grace all over the album, so that this fast and furious race over dampers, leaps, tailspins and accelerations got earmarked by sudden jungle entities, unpredictable old school outcrops or even more relaxed tunes. A possibly guessed to ignite drum'n'bass summer parties!