Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Artist: AEC (@)
Title: Sex.Drug.Sequence
Format: CD
Label: Solid.Grey.Sky.Recordings
Distributor: Bandcamp
Rated: *****
Tyler Newman as being the founder of Battery Cage and one half of Informatik doesn't need any more detailed introduction. He and his female partner Stacey P. have lately decided to bring the AEC project back to life after the debut 'Hate Life' back in 2001. Was this debut the step after the Battery Cage-debut 'Product' pretty much influenced by the recent Electro/Industrial sounds as well as internal band- and downtime-problems of Battery Cage in those days, the project regained activity with the addition of Stacy in 2003. Signed and brought to us by Tyler's very own label Solid.Grey.Sky.Recordings label, this new album isn't at least that new as expected. 'Sex.Drug.Sequence' has already collected dust in their store for more than 9 years until both now found the right time and inspiration to release this album out. So this album rather reflects what was up-to-date in 2004 and it is pretty much inspired by the danceable Synth-/Futurepop-sound in those days. But however the things have turned out around this album, it a refreshing and vital sounding one, which has enough attractive spears in the holster to entertain. 'Supernatural' is the ideal opening and stomping tune with heavy Techno-beat works and Tyler's emotional voice ' add some Metal-guitars and this one could find a slot to Battery Cage's 'World Wide Wasteland' album. 'Pain' then introduces Stacey for the first time doing the co-vocals during the chorus. Her talent shines even better through if she provides some solo performances like on 'The Strength Of Steel', 'Still', or the very melancholic sounding 'Final'. 'Manipulate Me' maybe represents the most the intention to produce a Futurepop-related album, although I don't call this a highlight. Brilliant programming skills, catchy melodies and perfectly intonated vocals of the both protagonists can be heard in between 'Still', 'Cold Glass' and 'Move Together'. Here you can hear the best and most representative moments of this highly recommended album. A 'thump-up' also deserves the remix contribution of Epsilon Minus on 'Supernatural', which adds a more relaxing note to the original. This is a perfect-as-can-be sounding album in this specific genre whose compositions provide an always entertaining and diverse sounding listening experience. Some of the songs allow dancefloor-action; while others let you sink deeply into a melancholic mood. It only leaves open one final question: why does this album composed in 2004 sound so much more refreshing, so much more dedicated than any genre-comparable album of the present times? This must belong to the talent of the musicians behind'¦


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