Friday, June 5, 2020
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Artist: Leaether Strip (@)
Title: Æscapism
Format: CD
Label: Records (@)
Rated: *****
The legend returns for another new studio album: after his demise from the Belgian Alfa Matrix label, Danish Mr Dynamite Claus Larsen has found a new home with the German Emmo.Biz label. His intention to slow down and to stop his activities for a while, well that has at least taken only a few weeks until he felt the need to compose again.
So this new album includes 15 tracks all composed between August 2013 to January 2014 and it reflects newly all facets we have discovered from Claus during his long-year career so far. Be it this danceable, energetic side with tracks like 'Sanctuary', 'Humanity-Equality' or the bashing 'Suicide Summer School', or be it introverted, slowed-down and very personal sounding tunes like 'Hired Man' or 'I'm Not The One', which rather remind on some early 80s Synthpop-/New Wave-tunes. This album also features humorous stuff with 'Strong Boys', which reflects the daily life of the young Anhalt-/Old School-EBM youth ' with a German vocal insert by Rummelsnuff and an evil, sarcastic grin of course. Also worth to mention is the Dark Electro pearl 'Extinction Protocol', a collaborative track with Canadian Decoded Feedback.
As expected, Claus remains faithful in his style with his known sound-dimension and his synth programming skills. It's unfair to compare his latest works always and ever with his classic recordings like the 'Solitary Confinement'-album, because some of the here featured tracks are throughout able to rival with like 'Adrenaline Rush' and/or 'Strap Me Down'. An album like 'Solitary Confinement' cannot be written day by day and this has to be accepted by all criticism around. I think that Claus has his very own kind to express himself, but nowadays in a wider musically spectrum. He now touches all styles between Synthpop to EBM to Electro-Rock but still with his very own sense of 80s-nostalgia. Under this point of view you might be pretty much entertained with this new album.
Additionally to this new effort Claus will re-release the album 'Untold Stories' in a new 2CD edition. This album is one of his very melancholic efforts, which he has self-produced and self-released without promotional and distribution help.