Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Artist: Amish Rake Fight
Title: Fellow Prisoners
Format: CD
Label: Positron! Records (@)
Distributor: Positron
Amish Rake Fight is Mike B. Fisher, former keyboardist/programmer from the industrial pop band The Machines Of Loving Grace, who gained success back in the early 90's and whose video "Butterfly Wings" was in rotation on MTV 120 Minutes. ARF debut "Fellow Prisoners" is the best ambient cd for the year 2003. Pure and beautiful soundscapes with driving beats. Six tracks with four remixes. My number one top track is "Remembrance." It reminds me of some of the tracks on The Future Sound Of London 1994 album "Lifeforms." A feel of trip-hop ambient. Many times I've listened to the instrumental piece, I picture it as a theme for a police or doctor/hospital drama television show. My friend, Bryant, who is a producer, likes "Sonda." I myself also because it have a traditional edge. Maybe world music describes it best. "Yes Josephine" is catchy with its jazzy style. The T10D mix on final track 10 is more danceable than the original version. Although I do like both and have listened to it again and again. Amish Rake Fight is brilliant and will grab your ear with just one listen. ARF sounds resemblance stands along side with The Future Sound Of London and Massive Attack. A recommendation to go and purchase "Fellow Prisoners." It will take your mind on a journey. 10 stars.


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