Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Artist: Boundless
Title: Perpetual
Format: CD
Label: DSBP/BackScatter Records
Distributor: DSBP,Metropolis Records
Dark. Melodic industrial-EBM, a cross between Haujobb, Wave Workers Foundation, and Lassigue Bendthaus, yet with it’s own distinct style. One of the fine distinctions with this CD is one like that of Haujobb: the beats and sequences never stay the same for more than 30 seconds before making a smooth transition into the next phase of the song. Each song works out like a series of songs put into one, like a long corridor of sound in each song, reminding me of those old sci-fi videos where the camera zooms down a tunnel rapidly and every few seconds it turns into a different set of shapes and patterns. Not to mention those classic distorted vocals we’ve all missed since the post-Skinny Puppy breakup days (throw away the Future Pop vocoders, and start putting those mics through a guitar distortion pedal like the old days!). Easily accessible to the dance floor crowd (perhaps even to the rave scene on certain songs), yet more made for the mind than anything. It’s again like the principle of Haujobb: to make you dance without disconnecting your brain in the process. Rating: 10


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