Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Artist: Velvet Acid Christ
Title: Hexangel (Utopia/Distopia)
Format: CD
Label: Metropolis Records
Distributor: Metropolis Records
Being one of my favorite industrial bands, and perhaps one of the last bastions of real industrial, this band has yet to ever disappoint. I’ve been a fan of the group since "Church Of Acid" came out, and in many ways the sound just gets better. You may have heard that Disease Factory, the head of the group, recently kicked all drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. in exchange for raw food diets, exercising, and all that good stuff (I ended up doing the same thing years back, minus the raw food diet and getting rid of alcohol completely, which is rare as is around here. All the drugs and all that get boring as hell and are a total waste, you know). You’d think the man has dropped out, mellowed out, and calmed down, right? Well, not true at all, of course, as this man has industrial carved in his bones! The anger is still very much there, though done more darkly and slowly as opposed to past VAC works. Where "Fun With Knives" and "Twisted Thought Generator" were sheer sonic assaults laden with some of the most violent techno overtones on record (as well as Fun With Knives being in my top 20 all time CDs, and one of the most violent CDs ever made), this is more like VAC’s version of "Last Rights" (the Skinny Puppy CD), mixed with Frontline Assembly’s "Caustic Grip". The industrial feel, esp. in the drumming are very much there, like you’re attending one of those shows from when industrial first started, when it was raw, exciting and new. And no more samples where you can guess where they are from, this is laden totally with a lot more obscure samples this time around. Yet another masterpiece in the career of one of industrial’s true rising stars, and someone for the newbies to look up to. Rating: 10


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