Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Artist: Christian Kobi (@)
Title: r a w l i n e s
Format: CD
Label: BTDA (@)
Rated: *****
Many reviewers could offhandedly label this release as an assay of extreme reductionism, but I'd rather say it's something different in sooth. On this second chapter of a trilogy for solo saxophone that Swiss musician Christian Kobi started with CANTO - released by Cubus Records four years ago -, he seems to extend the sonic range of this instrument by means of close mic and unconventional way of interaction (hands of mouth without blowing). Some moments of "Rawlines" could let you envisage very strange images: for instance, the second track could let you think he's trying to turn his tenor saxophone into a sort of popcorn popper, whereas the opening track could sound like a test for the research of air holes on the instrument or its fathoming for recognition of residual salivary drops in its body and their following ejection out of saxophone's bell, but this kind of exfoliation of saxophone from any trace of melody, harmony, rhythm and even from the possibility of interaction with other instruments and even surrounding space sounds more like an investigation around its elemental constituents so that the only moment when its sound meets Larsen effect on the fourth track, its hisses could resemble pure sonic frequencies and white noise.


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