Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Artist: My Home, Sinking (@)
Title: s/t
Format: CD
Label: Fluid Audio (@)
Rated: *****
Many ambient lovers acquainted themselves with the music of Venice-based talented soundscape sculptor Enrico Coniglio, who surround himself with a group of musicians and vocalists, including cellist and flutist Katie English aka Isnaj Dui, talented Galway-based singer and artist Laura Sheeran aka Glitterface and his partner-in-art Marc Aubele, enviro-mentalist musician and photographer Orla Wren, sound and voice artist Barbara De Dominicis aka Anti-Gone and Sean Quinn from Tiny Magnetic Pets for the debut release of his collaborative project "My Home, Sinking". The stylistical drift of Enrico's ice pack, which glided over glacial sonorities and awesome illustrative sonic power, towards post-rock fields sounds clear since the introductive track "The Void", whose piercing icy wafts got cracked by bright guitar strokes an strums, which firstly meet English's cello on the following track "Morning Walk", where you could almost feel the screeching sounds of an opening door's rusty hinges and the snugness of a lonely walk. A feeling of nirvanic composure permeates the lulling "Fading To White", which Laura Sheen superbly translates into a siren chant, whose fatalistic declension got emphasized by the way she repeats a refrain, saying 'There's no sun, there's no love, there's no God above can bring me back to your heart', which could vaguely echo the emotional atmosphere of her mini-album "Murderous Love", if you already know some previous releases by this talented singer. The journey of the imaginary traveller over glacial expanses goes on over mirages and beatific visions at dusk ("Skyline Obscured"), the strange ravishing of "Sunset Eyed", where a chidish lull clashes with the desolate lyrics of De Dominicis, temporary refuges ("Truna"), moments of prostrations, which got rendered by the beautiful two parts of "The Body Tired", glazing hallucinations, which sound evoked by the astonishing drift of "Descending" and the hypnotic vibrato of "Touching The Void", and glimmers of hope ("Trump Trump").


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