Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Artist: Francis Dhomont
Title: Jalons
Format: CD
Label: Empreintes Digitales
Distributor: Empreintes Digitales
Listening to this Cd, I’m reminded of Haujobb’s "99". No, no drum and bass, minimalized techno, or anything of that nature. But think of the hidden track with all the sound effects cut into sections. This does not so much go as a set of structured songs as it does a sound museum, and quite an interesting one at that. Long sets of blips and recorded sound blend in together, creating some very interesting soundscapes that would make any sampler’s wet dream come true. A little more structure would do this CD a little better, but once you really get in tune with the sound of the work, it grows on you. Also, such is the main principle with minimalism: to let each sound carry it’s own weight rather than being put into a blender and submerged. And thinking on this guy's symphonic record and live shows, this would make a very interesting piece on the Arts Channel or even on Bravo. Rating: 8.Also recommended is Coil’s "Worship The Glitch" and their earlier works.


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