Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Intolerance: Intolerance

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Artist: Intolerance
Title: Intolerance
Format: 12"
Label: Synthetic Shadows Records (@)
Rated: *****
Formed in September 1983, in Cuneo, Italy, Intolerance born when Luca Musso, Marco Marongiu and Paolo Chiotasso met. They were going to the conservatory, to the architecture department and to SMET (Study Of Electronic Music), place founded in 1964 by Enore Zaffiri and this helped them unite as well as creating a theoretic base for their music. With this line-up, they participated to the fist concert held in their surroundings allowed to beginners. Their musical influences were Suicide, Daf, Throbbing Gristle, the 60s/70s German electronic music, composers like Luciano Berio or Stockhausen and new wave / post punk music, but they were also influenced by architecture. After that Paolo left, the band was joined by Raffaella Risso on vocals and with this line-up they started the recordings of their first demo. Using a Roland JX-3P, a Roland Juno-106, a Roland Sh-101 and a Drumatrix TR-606, the band recorded nine tracks, which, thanks to Leonardo Borghese and to his Suoni Dal Profondo Nord label, were released on tape in 1985. Intolerance's first self named album musically was showing really well the two souls of the combo: melancholic new wave, thanks to Raffaella way of sing and cold German electronic, thanks to the robotic rhythms and cold atmospheres the guys were playing. This side was even enhanced when the guys were also singing replacing Raffaella's melodic style. About this, songs like "Noradrenalin", "Terminal State" were influenced by Suicide, while "Arwen" and the closing "Valentines" are more dreamy and melancholic. The story of the band continued with the participation to two fanzine's compilations (a split tape for Amen and a side of an LP for VM), where the band changed a bit their sound, increasing their fan base. At the end of the 80s they were starting a new life but sadly, few years later, Luca Musso died and Intolerance called it quits. After thirty years, thanks to Synthetic Shadows Records, you're able to listen to the nine tracks of the first demo and if you love 80s electronics, you won't be disappointed. You can check three tracks here http://soundcloud.com/armagideon-times


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