Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: dRamatic & dbAudio (@)
Title: Far Away (Total Science Remix)/Days Running Out
Format: 12"
Label: Mars (@)
Rated: *****
Born two years ago, Clive Psylence's label Mars, aimed at trying a resurrection of liquid and soulful dnb by armouring the sounds which featured its dawn, already managed to involve great names of dnb scene such as Mute & Mako, Klute, Random movement, Edward Oberon / Paul T. Its next sonic bullet's been shot by another dynamic duo of brilliant liquid phunk boosters-and-boasters, who already paired together for some past releases: Julian Flowers aka dRamatic and James Maltby aka dbAudio join forces for a couple of juicy gems. On "Days Runnin Out", it seems they built an authentic time machine for the sounds they whisked in order to make listeners' mind whirr: classy flowing piano, interrupted melodies, synth breezes and a deep black female soulful voice to assist your flight got launched by means of contemporary solid jump-up rhythmical pressure. The sonic complicity by Total Science, who accepted to remix it, on "Far Away" is quite clear: they enhanced the sonic journey, aided by deep male vocals by Grimm this time, with improvements to computational bleeping consolle and percussive turbines. Enjoy these trips!


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