Friday, June 5, 2020
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Parade Ground: A Room With A View

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Artist: Parade Ground
Title: A Room With A View
Format: Tape
Label: Other Voices Records
Rated: *****
Formed by the brothers Jean-Marc and Pierre Pauly in 1981, in Brussels, Belgium, Parade Ground channelled their energies into energetic music made of hard beats, paced synth lines and the melodic voice of Jean-Marc. In 1982 they participated to the Nationale Rockmeeting LP compilation and soon after they met Daniel B. and Patrick Codenys of Front 242, beginning a collaboration that is still active. In all these years, the band has on their back only two full length releases. Their first album "Cut Up" was released by Play It Again Sam Records, as well as their following singles released on 1987/88. For they second official album "Rosary", we have to wait until 2007, but a couple of months ago, Minimal Maximal, released the band's 1989 lost album, titled "The 15th Floor". Their real second album. This tape "A Room With A View", gathers songs recorded in 1988 that, as far as I know, were unreleased. The eight tracks mix e.b.m. atmospheres with new wave songwriting structures. It's like they felt the urge to release their energy without forgetting to give to the songs something more to the "in your face" approach. In this way, we have semi synthpop tunes with upbeat hard rhythms, melodic vocals, strong bass lines and some dance moments like on "Cursed By My Name". They sometimes recalled me Fad Gadget but with more melody. You can check the whole release here