Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Artist: DVA (@)
Title: Botanicula Soundtrack
Format: 12"
Label: Minority Records (@)
Rated: *****
If I didn't know this funny release by Czech duo DVA from Trebechovice pod Orebem made up of Jan Kratochvil and Bara Kratochvilova (it cannot be but a duo, as DVA should mean "two" in most Slavic languages) had been composed for a videogame, I'd have thought they managed to observe vicissitudes of a community of leprechauns, pixies or other fairy inhabitants of some enchanted underwood and translate it into music. The idea of this collaboration came from the mind behind the curtains of Botanicula, Jaromir Plachy, who had already made a nice animation clip for DVA's "Nunovo Tango" with a style not so dissimilar from Burton's one, and even if these kinds of release are influenced by what they're bundled into, the plot of Botanicula, based on the adventures of five plant freaks (Mrs.Mushroom, Mr.Lantern, Mr.Feather, Mr.Twig and Mr.Poppy Head!) fighting against evil parasites which contaminated their treehouse (!) to save its last seed, makes DVA's more dadaist attitude come out, so that together with patent similarities - DVA never disguised them- with notorious Icelandic bands such Sigur Ros (atmospheres of tracks like "Gobbledigook" could come to mind since you listen the initial track "Juchu") or Mum (musical memories from their "Finally We Are No One" could eemerge when listening Botanicula's "Finale"), it seems DVA merge together elements from Saami, Baltic, Slavic, Finnish and even Breton folk music, chamber music, electronic glitch-pop, toytronic marches and motifs (I particularly enjoyed "Letejono", "Zatoichy" and the funny "A Major For 12 Frogs") and even some quotes from pop culture (the nicest is maybe the one in "Mrs.Mushroom Likes Lcd Soundsystem"!) with the amused creative approach of a lively baby! It's no coincidence that Botanicula won the "Excellence in Audio" award at Indipendent Games Festival.