Friday, June 5, 2020
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Artist: Isnaj Dui (@)
Title: Abstracts On Solitude
Format: CD
Label: Hibernate (@)
Rated: *****
This new dainty and introspective release on Hibernate has been signed by North London-based and flutist and FBox label manager Katie English with her elfin alias Isnaj Dui and offers an emotionally intense and naked abstracts on solitude like the title suggests and really delicate foreshortening on the interior world of the musician. Most of tracks are mainly based on bass flute sound, which seems to be the perpetual and liked presence accompanying Katie inside her walks over the paths of her flourishing inner gardens, which are costantly evoked during her listening. Plain textures of flute melodies, sometimes intertwined with light nylon guitar plucking (or maybe it's an harp one), outlines emotional upheavals as well just like in "What Lies Inside", a track composed while Katie was recovering from a panic attack, which according to friends who have listened the track by chance and experienced it perfectly describes that state of mind through a stifling bass tone and a sort of strangled chirrup. The folowing track "Quarter Wave" keep on sounding quite agitated, but all dark clouds seems to have scudded away on the placidlybliss induced by "Nature Of Light". Whilst "Peripheral Motion" could recall to mind a performance of a geisha at the court of some Japanese Emperor, the final "The Last Will Become A Darker Grey" melts together feelings of outward lull and livid thoughts, "silenced" like the muffled peals appearring after a while by sweet flute melodies till the mind finds some peace in a deep sleep, evoked by the recording of someone in the act of snoring!