Saturday, September 19, 2020
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youANDme: mouche

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Artist: youANDme
Title: mouche
Format: 12"
Label: Dub2Dust (@)
Distributor: DBH
Rated: *****
A graceful dub-flavoured tech-house proposal is ready to come on decks from Frankfurt-based vynil label, founded by Gabriel Le Mar and Carsten Schorr, whose publishing efforts are focusing on possible declensions of a dub-derived sounds within techno and house rhythmical patterns. Behind the moniker youANDme, there are two Berlin-based djs and producer, Martin Mueller and Daniel Stroeter, veterans of that scene as they roll interesting musical hybrids since 1995, which magnetized many partygoers and renowned labels such as Cocoon, Compost, 2020Vision, Ornaments, Platzhirsch and many others. On "mouche" (French word meaning "flight"), they let listeners hovering in the air with unobtrusive and well-balanced rhytmical oscillations, frothy echoes and icy ascending samples, so that it seems that there's a sensorial conflict between dynamics which gradually get warmer and warmer by taking possession of the body and inducing almost automatically some movements and sonic breeze which become subject to frostbite, but everyone knows what the mixing of warm and cold currents can cause... "Electric Dub Remix" by skilled dj Luke Hess on B-side immediately kicks with crunchy and regular beats, which sound remarkably influenced by typical Detroit techno progressions (it's quite normal if you consider that Luke is a dj born in metropolitan area of Detroit and musically grown in the legendary mid-90ies warehouse parties there, an influence tempered by a scientific approach on sound coming from his background in engineering and mathematics), the most notable additive to the track, which keep original aerodynamics properties intact.


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