Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Artist: Sonolumina (@)
Title: Solar Logos
Format: CD
Label: Symbolic Insight (@)
I have been a reviewer for ChainDLK for seven years now and I think this is a first: belly dancing music. Here's how the press sheet describes the album: 'Nine unique tracks take the listener on a journey from modern American belly dance fusion around the world to Eastern inspired IDM grooves, drawing from both current electronic trends and ancient tribal traditions.' Evidently Jewl Pettaway, one half of Sonolumina, is a dancer as well as a musician, so this makes some sense. There are some hints of their influences, specifically Muslimgauze in tracks like 'Hado,' which is somewhat reminiscent of 'Curfew, Gaza' off Zul'm. However, where Muslimgauze pushed the envelope, about half of this album seems like the kind of thing that you would expect to hear at your local Moroccan restaurant during belly dancing nights. It does seem to get progressively more experimental as the album goes on. There are some subtle nods to experimentation, with some staticy beats in 'Fatima' and 'Ganges' (it's a bit difficult to read the track listing because of the font ' I had to go to discogs to get the track listing) throws in some spoken word, but it isn't really what I would call experimental. Three tracks come closest to this though: 'Sengali,' which brings in some distortion and noise, and 'Moodi' and 'Tablaji,' which are both much more of an ambient middle-eastern excursion with some subdued percussion and field recordings. Had the entire album been like the last 22 minutes, it would have been a bit more on the experimental side. It was a fun listen though. Get it for someone who is interested in trying out belly dancing. This album weighs in at around 67 minutes.


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