Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: E:MF3
Format: CD
Label: PAS Records (@)
This is a pretty good use of a compilation. According to the labels, 'This compilation showcases some of the acts for the Experi-MENTAL 3 Festival taking place on August 5th through August 7th at Goodbye Blue Monday, in Brooklyn NY. We are trying to raise money through selling this compilation to fund the festival. All donations for this compilation will go toward artist transportation, housing, and food.' On to the music. This is a various artists compilation, which are almost always a mixed bag, so I'll mainly touch on the high points. Some of the standout tracks are 'Justine' by Blue Sausage Infant, who throws down a heavy slab of electronic rumble with some spoken word. 'Cloud' by Richard Lainhart is a nice piece of shimmering drone. 'Blatta Blyad' by Violet brings the harsh noise to the compilation. 'Socrates Speaks' by PAS is just plain weird, but in a good way. 'Friday Night' by Use Other Door was nice minimalist soundscape that makes good use of dynamics and quiet. Some seem to not quite fit, like 'Bubble Wrap' by Carey Burtt, which sounds like it would be quite at home on your local college radio station. 'Experimental' by Black Saturn is kind of an odd rap (although let's face it ' it's still better than most of the 40oz driven crap out there these days). Overall, this sounds like it would be an excellent show (although it has already happened). Still, if you see something like this it is a good reminder to support your local experimental music scene. This disc weighs in at around 58 minutes.


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