Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: Erik Carlsson
Title: The Bird and The Giant
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
A provision of subdued delayed bells, sporadic metallic clanging and other percussive muted tolls blended together with a sort of abyssal breathe, arguably derived from the echo of the mentioned bells, which could infer imagination into an almost motionless percussive performer, hitting its instruments while braving the stronf friction by some dense liquid from the bottom of a pool, and quite close to the music which normally accompanies Buddhist or Shintoist rites, of the track wisely titled "Could be emotional" introduce the listener to the second solo album by the talented Swedish percussionist Erik Carlsson. Its interesting experimental appeal travels through different directions: whereas the second track "Heavy rest" shows a more concrete approach - it's funny to imagine Erik playing pinball with his sticks on wooden and metallic percussions -, on the following one "Hope, perhaps feelings" there's another immersion in that kind of sound dilations he arguably manages to record with the support of a multitrack bowing sonorities with that slightly hypnotical suppleness which is going to intrigue the listener. That ritual dimension looks likehaving been reprised in "The dead spirit" where an entrancing crystalline labyrinth of clicks, tolls and drop-like hiccups aregoing to bring the listener into an imaginary cave rich f brightful charmstones. Some sinister white noises or radio frequncies interceptions begin the fifth track "Something else somewhere", where Erik climbs the steepest experimental peaks by subdividing his "subject matter" into microtonal impulses which give the idea of some transmission of a parallel and unknown universe, a rarefaction which reaches its apex in the sixth hidden track and arguably in the heavy breath (sounding more like a snoring with occasional disquieting high frequencies) keeping it separate from the rest of the recording. Highly reccomended listening!


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