Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: Ogni Videniy (@)
Title: Tajushie
Format: CD
Label: Vetvei (@)
Rated: *****
Last review of the slew of releases received from the Russian Vetvei label (no particular reason it's last; it just worked out that way) is Ogni Videniy's 'Tajushie'. My first experience with Ogni Videniy was on '2137', a collaboration with Six Dead Bulgarians. Although along the same acoustic-ambient lines, this album is quite different. It consists of a single piece only seconds over a half-hour in length. The basic elements used are singing bowls, bells, wind chimes and field recordings of water- lapping, noise washes, etc. There is also some use of voice and other minor unidentified acoustic sounds.

Remember (if you're old enough) those 'Environments' series of LPs from the 1970's? There was one called 'Wood-Masted Sailboat' and there is a degree of similarity in this recording. Throughout the piece you feel like you're afloat, and the bowls/chimes/bells give the impression of a boat's bell or buoy sounding quietly in a gentle wind. Other sounds give the impression of creaking wood or (possible) shipboard nautical activities in places. Still, it has a surreal rather than the realistic quality of the Environments LP, which was an actual recording of a boat on the water. 'Tajushie' is much more open to interpretation, but there is no doubt that this is an aquatic-based ambience, and a relatively calm one at that. There is not the variety of sonics or form that was on Ogni Videniy's '2137' collaboration, but then I don't believe this was intended to explore those regions. The subtlety makes up for it though, and you'll probably find yourself discovering new sounds within the piece you didn't notice at first. It's a nice pleasant trip; perhaps the antidote to land-locked moods. Another Vetvei release packaged in a colorful abstract 6-panel artwork by Vresnit.


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