Friday, September 25, 2020
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Hypnoz: A Score for Iron Blues

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Artist: Hypnoz (@)
Title: A Score for Iron Blues
Format: CD
Label: Zhelezobeton (@)
Distributor: Zhelezobeton
Rated: *****
Instead of going outside on this sunny, crisp autumn day to work on clearing fallen leaves from my yard, I'm inside trying to tackle the backlog of reviews I have yet to do. My goal today is an ambitious one for me- five reviews, beginning with this one. Hypnoz is the project of Moscow suburbanite Dmitriy Zubov, and this is my first experience with it. Upon the initial listening to 'A Score for Iron Blues,' I was not left with an overwhelming positive reaction. Hypnoz uses a lot of distorted and feedback guitar as a main component to its compositions, and this just struck me as mediocre noise for the most part. I didn't find the playing all that inventive. Yeah, there are other elements ' ghostly voices on 'Believe'; drones and a protracted, distant sampled monologue on 'Good Angels'; liquidy lapping-water on 'Ut-Rest Ravens'; echoed looping and guitar-string scraping on 'Stone Ring'; and more echo looping with scratchy static sounds on 'The Black Windmill (Outro)' but the main component, the distorto-guitar improv just didn't do it for me.

Rather than concentrate on what I didn't like though, I'll speak to what I did like- 'Night On Earth' with it's modern beat poetry set over a subtle gloomy, creepy background ambience. (The best track on the album.) The recitation was provided by Jim 'Foetus' Thirwell, another reason the track was so good. 'Charms Water,' using a tremolo guitar and guitar drone (with other effects) and an electronically manipulated female vocal sample. 'Boat In A Fog,' a track that has this looped rhythm made from a note with echo tapped on a guitar string and some droning, and also 'To The Aid,' a track that comes the closest to anything conventional, with a repeated chordal guitar arpeggio progression and some droning noise.

Overall, what I liked was not enough to offset what I didn't much care for. However, if you're beatless industrial noise guitar, you'll probably end up liking the things I didn't, and visa versa. Maybe if Dmitriy decides to explore other terrain for his next Hypnoz release I'd be interested, but with only one excellent track on an album, I'll pass for now.


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