Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Title: Colored Sands / Hotel Groove
Format: 12"
Label: Big Bait Records
Rated: *****
The eighth release on Big Bait Records is a 12" which sees Gleen Astro and Lee Webster proposing two new tunes. Side A contains "Colored Sands", a two parts track by Glenn Astro. On this one he mixes house atmospheres with downbeat rhythms and a laid back attitude. The minimal approach to sounds finds a certain richness into the evolving strutcure of the track. Side B has Lee Webster performing "Hotel Groove", a track based on syncopated rhythms, house hypnotic synth chords and a nice melodic and seducing vocal line. Also this one, sounds minimal and rich at the same time. This 12" will be available in the stores on early September.


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