Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Title: meta atem
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
From what I can argue from the booklet coming with the cd the majority of the sounds featured on this cd are coming out from voices, so what? a Bobby MacFarrin like cd? Of course no. "Meta atem" is divided in four long tracks and a conclusive one were electronic sounds, guitars and voice treatments are well melted together for a cocktail that as a weird contemporary aftertaste. Behind the majority of the sound sources and of author of the field recordings is Gunnar Geisse himself , but I see other names like Ernesto Rdriguez, Ishani and Mercan Arda, Hamid Khezdi, Thomas Mahr just to name a few. While some tracks like the opening and the third one are quite dense, some other play with sounds and stops and goes, and the last kind of tracks reminds me much more of early quasi industrial sound designer a la Asmus Tietchens instead of contemporary music, even thought as many of you can guess there's a thin line separating the two afore mentioned categories. There's a dead serious atmosphere haunting the majority of these compositions, just take the third one and you see the guitar sounds are not exactly softening the result. This interesting collection of compositions reminds us the incredible importance of avant garde composers like Bruno Maderna and the influence they had on contemporary music.